Brown 457 x 305 x 305mm

Brown Double Wall Cardboard Cartons | Strong Packing Boxes | 457 x 305 x 305mm

Brown 609 x 457 x 457mm

Brown Double Wall Cardboard Carton | Moving Boxes | 609 x 457 x 457mm

Brown Double Wall Cardboard Carton | Storage & Moving Boxes | 457 x 457 x 457mm

RecyclableFrom Sustainable Sources

Eco-friendly Brown Double Wall Cardboard Carton Boxes made from recycled content

Box Size: 457 x 457 x 457mm

Board: 125gsm recycled board

These boxes are ideal as moving boxes and storage boxes. All our boxes are recyclable and biodegradable, and made from sustainable resources. Home compostable boxes. Click & Collect your boxes within an hour, from our Totton, Southampton warehouse.

Minimum order quantity online: 90 boxes, on a pallet delivery

Smaller quantities available for local delivery (within 10 miles of Southampton, and an order value over £200) or Click & Collect from our Warehouse (Southampton) - Please call 02380 869999

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Double wall cardboard cartons offer much greater strength and rigidity than single wall boxes. This box is perfect to use as a storage box or for premises moving boxes

  • Box size: 457 x 457 x 457mm
  • When to use a double wall box: If you despatch by courier, or use cardboard packing boxes then we advise you to use double wall cartons for that extra support and to prevent goods getting damaged 
  • All those shown are based on a standard 125gsm recycled board
  • Sizes are Length x Width x Height in mm
  • These cartons are suitable for packaging, shipping and storing large heavy items
  • For example machinery spare parts, large electronic components/devices and other similar fragile heavy items

BEPSOKE CARTONS: Transpack specialises in producing single and double wall boxes to your specific requirements. Whether it is just your own branded boxes, or a specific size or colour you require, let us give you a quote. MOQ from approx 500 units (T&Cs apply)

More Information
Colour/Finish Brown
Made in the UK No
Recylable? Yes
FSC approved Yes
Free Delivery No
Length 457mm
Width 457mm
Height 457mm

Made from 60% Recycled material


Corrugated cardboard is collected by the vast majority, if not all, of Local Authorities in household recycling collections, but can also be taken to local recycling centres. If you have a home composter you can also compost it. It works best if you shred it first or tear it into smaller pieces as it will decompose more quickly.

How are cardboard boxes measured?

Standard cardboard cartons of the kind we supply are always measured internally.

Measurements are: length X width X height.The longest dimension of the flaps runs along the Length. They meet across the Width.

What is a cardboard box made of?

Boxes can be made from solid fibreboard (greyboard, chipboard or even strawboard) or from corrugated board where a fluted paper material is trapped between 2 layers to create a board of greater strength. All the cardboard boxes we supply are of the latter style, often referred to as corrugated cases or cartons.

What is meant by "single wall" or "double wall" boxes, and which is stronger?

Put simply, single wall is one layer of fluted material between two boards while double wall is two layers. This makes double wall cardboard boxes much stronger, in fact it is more than twice as strong, and if you are moving house this is the box we would recommend.

Are there different strengths of the cardboard?

Yes. While most boxes are based upon a standard board they can be made from heavier material to special order.

Can I get White cardboard boxes for my products?

Yes. For boxes there are 2 kinds of White. The most common is a mottled White (like our White boxes). It has an excellent appearance but is not an all over pure White. If this is not White enough there is a High White available on special order.

Do I have to order more to get White boxes?

Yes. The minimum quantites for White boxes are much higher than those for the normal brown ones. For mottled White this might be 5 times as many. For High White it could be 20 times. The exception is our range of self-locking postal boxes which are (nearly all) Mottled White.

Do I need "single wall" or "double wall" boxes?

You will need to consider many factors in arriving at your conclusion, such as weight to be carried, method of transit, height of stacking and "integrity" of contents. In general terms single wall cartons are deemed to be adequate only up to about 5kg weight of contents. However, if the contents are very robust and a tight fit in the box a greater weight may be possible. If you are despatching this weight by parcels carrier however, a double wall box is likely to cope with the multiple handling much better.

How do I pack my boxes to minimise damage?

The first rule is - tight! No matter what the content is it must NOT be allowed to move about in the box, even if the box is dropped. There is a wide variety of cushioning and filling material available for fragile items or mixed consignments and you may have to experiment to arrive at the right solution for your business. We will always do our best to help in individual cases. Can boxes be made to my special sizes? And what is the minimum amount?

Standard boxes can be made to any size within reason. The minimum quantity for any normal use is 50, though exceptions have been made. You should be aware, however, that the price for 50 can often be 3 times the price (each) for 200 or 300.

Non-standard boxes, such as special shapes or "die-cuts" are normally subject to much higher minimums. For example, if you wanted a made to measure self-locking postal box the minimum would be at least 1,000 and there would also be an extra charge for the cutting tool.

Can cardboard boxes be printed?

Yes, this is no problem. Most of the box making machines have rotary print facilities built in. There will be minimum runs of perhaps 500 or more, and plate-making is also an extra cost. Multiple colours do become very costly as they involve multiple runs and colour changes. It should also be noted that the print method is "flexography" which cannot cope with half tones or close registration.

Can I get boxes that will go through a letter-box?

Yes, some of our self locking postal boxes will go through a standard letterbox; three of these sizes have been designed specifically to fit through Royal Mail’s "Large Letter" Slot, too. Additonally, our PIP boxes (pricing in proportion) are also available to help keep your postage costs down and fit through Royal Mails ‘Large Letter’ slot.