Transpack Bespoke Printed Celephane Wrap

Custom Florist Wrap

If you use clear wrap in your business but want to improve your brand awareness, ask us to quote for printed polypropylene wrap!

The rolls can be 600mm or 800mm wide and roll lengths can be made to suit you - from 5m to 200m a roll. Perfect for floristry, gift wrapping or hamper wrapping, they can be used with wrapped food, but are not suitable for unwrapped food.

Minimum order quantities will apply and will vary with roll sizes - eg. the MOQ for an 800mm roll printed with 1 or 2 colours would be 3000 metres, so if you had 100m per roll that would be 30 rolls. If you want to print more than 2 colours the MOQ would be 6000m. We can print up to 6 colours although the more colours you need, the more rolls you will need to order, and the origination costs will increase.

The origination charges are for the printing plates and are approx £200 per colour. This is a one of charge for the printing plates and won't apply to future orders of the same design.

Contact us today with your logo or artwork and we'll send you a quote. For custom cellophane sheets or sleeves click here