Building Supplies

Packaging Supplies for Builders

Whether you’re packaging small or large, light or heavy, building and construction products, we provide a wide range of fit for purpose, cost-effective, and sustainable building supplies that are sure to do the trick.


Our range of building supplies not only features products which can be used to package and distribute building materials and tools, but also products that can be highly effective within the building and construction process, including clear and black polythene sheeting in 6ft or 12ft widths (centre-folded into rolls half the size), in 3 weights. We also supply a range of coloured, polythene sheeting, which is popular for weather protection and damp-proof membranes.

If you’re looking for lightweight sheeting, use 250 gauge products or, if the sheeting is to be walked on, use 1000 gauge. In the summer months, our 500g sheeting is popular as polythene for water slides and is available in 4ft, 6ft, and 12ft widths.


Wholesale Building Packaging Supplies

All of our building and packaging solutions are designed to ensure that your products arrive at their destination in the optimum condition.

For further information about our building supplies and solutions or to find out how you can start saving today, please get in touch!