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Wholesale Business Shipping, Packaging and Supplies

Whatever your business and regardless of industry, if you need to pack, ship, or supply products, goods and services, we have the perfect packaging for you – plus they are available to buy online at discounted rates, ready for supplying your bulk and wholesale business needs.


From sweet shop gift packaging, and food and gift hampers, through to storing and shipping clothes and jewellery, we have the products you want at the prices that you need.

Simply search for your packaging products by your business type below – There are thousands of products in stock at any time and available for bulk buy and wholesale online.


Sweet Packaging for Business

How you display, package, and ship confectionary, sweets, and candy is critical for showcasing your sweet treats, whether they are luxury chocolate ranges, or bespoke and personalised sweet hampers. Plus, a well packed and received sweet gift is always another opportunity for showcasing your brand, and reinforcing the quality of the sweets you sell and deliver to your customers. At Transpack we stock and supply all your sweet shop needs including:

  • Gusseted Sweet Bags
  • Block Bottom Sweet Bags
  • Window Bags for Sweets
  • SOS Bags with and without card bases
  • Patterned & Seasonal Sweet Packaging

See our latest ranges of professional sweet packaging for business including prices, and online offers.

Business Hampers

When you wanted to make an impact, and showcase a range of business products, a hamper offers fantastic flexibility as well as brand value, and can be used for internal staff incentives, reward schemes, and occasion gifts, as well as the more traditional seasonal offerings for companies at Christmas, Easter, and other industry events.

Whether your hamper needs are seasonal or all year round, custom, promotional or more standard and neutral, we can help!

Some of our most enjoyed business hamper packaging solutions include:

  • Cellophane wraps (clear, patterned, coloured, and many sizes, styles, and finishes)
  • Hamper trays and bases in several sizes and colours
  • Hamper stuffing/filling including shredded paper alternatives
  • Kraft hamper and gift tags, tissue paper and much more

Grocery, Deli and Food Packaging Solutions

If you are looking for low cost and high-quality delivery, display, and food storage packaging solutions, at Transpack we have everything you need, available to buy online, and for sale wholesale at our best online prices.

From green grocers to Delis and local takeaways, we have the food containers, carrier bags, and reusable food packaging and storage products you need.

Wholesale Jewellery Packaging

When it comes to jewellery buying it is all in the initial impact, and the product buying differentiation between buying jewellery now, or comparing and purchasing later, can be something as subtle as the display case the product is cased within.

As leading UK suppliers of business packaging and jewellery display, packing, and shipping solutions, we cater for your most bespoke jewellery needs. Better delete this as we don’t really stock anything specific to jewellery

Let your jewellery sparkle from store to home with Transpack jewellery packaging.

Commercial Clothes Storage and Shipping Bags

At Transpack we are trusted UK based expert suppliers of clear clothes bags, garment storage, and all; shipping, packing and storage based clothing needs for business.

We have clothing bags with and without hooks for varying sorting and storing requirements, plus all of the clothing and garment bag types, sizes, styles, and variations you could ever look for.

Whether displaying, storing, sending, or shipping clothes, we have the ideal packaging options for you.

Retail Packing and Online Seller Shipping – Wholesale

If you are an online seller / Amazon or e-Bay store, or a more traditional retail shop, with single or multiple locations spanning the UK, at Transpack we have all of the product packaging solutions you could ever wish for (plus a whole lot more), all available to buy in bulk, and online at our very best retail packaging prices.

Shipping Supplies and Business Packaging

It doesn’t matter what you ship, or how much there is, we are UK leading business suppliers for packing and shipping needs. From the smallest and most precious gifts, through to the larger and bulkier industrial products, we can supply everything your business needs to protect, store, ship, and deliver both your products and the best first (or repeat) impression for your brand.

We provide both branded/promotional, and custom shipping supplies, as well as off the shelf ranges.

School Supplies and Storage

From creative products and solutions, to fulfilling your repeat school supply requirements, at Transpack we ensure that your school supplies deliver everything you need and a whole lot more.

Some of our most enjoyed school supplies include:

  • Zip seal wallets in a choice of colours and sizes
  • Carboard storage boxes for every occasion
  • School carriers with write on panels

…plus so much more

Gift Bags and Display Packaging – Bulk Buy and Wholesale

At Transpack we supply entire ranges of gift bags and display packaging for business which are guaranteed to help your product ranges stand out from the ever-changing competition.

It doesn’t matter what the occasion, season, or bespoke requirement your business has, and regardless of size or volumes you need, our high-quality cellophane display bags are ready for bulk buying and include; self-seal cellophane bags for gifts and display, greetings cards, clothing, artwork and mounted photographs, plus a whole lot more.

On top of this, we are trusted, and established UK suppliers of block bottom cellophane bags, kraft paper bags, gusseted cellophane bags, and cellophane window bags for gifts, sweets and wedding favours.

You name it, we provide the gift bag and display packaging for it!

Some of our most bought business gift and display items include:

  • Cellophane Gift Bags
  • Self Seal Garment Bags
  • Italian Kraft Paper Bags
  • Tissue Paper
  • Cellophane Wrap
  • Ribbon
  • Cellophane Tubing
  • Hamper Packaging
  • Crystal Clear Presentation Boxes
  • White Greetings Card Envelopes
  • Pure Kraft Paper Rolls

All Business Packaging

If we have not specifically mentioned your business industry above, have no fear – we can still help!

For any business packaging solutions, our UK based, expert team are waiting to hear from you – simply call us on 02380 869999, and we will be glad to fulfil your shipping and packing needs.