Tote Box is a specialist supplier of plastic storage boxes, containers and crates, which are ideal for the long-term storage of products or the large-scale transportation of goods.

High quality storage boxes with lids

Ideal for both storage and transport, Tote Box storage boxes with lids incorporate an integral hinged lid alongside tamper-evident security to enhance protection and minimise the risk of losses and theft in transit.

The famous green attached-lid containers have been expertly designed to provide users with a more ergonomic handhold, enhanced security, and market leading space saving for return trips.

Stackable lidded distribution boxes

Designed to be stacked up to six high, with 50kg per box when the lids are closed and nested when empty to save 75% of space, these stackable lidded distribution boxes optimise performance and results.

We supply a variety of lidded distribution boxes from Tote Box in a number of different sizes for your convenience.

Explore our full range of Tote Box storage solutions today, or for further information about our range of Tote Box lidded distribution boxes, please get in touch.