Jiffy Bags, Bubble Wrap & More - Versatile, Reliable Packaging Solutions

Based in Cheshire, UK, Jiffy is an established brand that has been manufacturing high-performance packaging solutions for over 50 years.

Jiffy Airkraft Bags

Light yet strong, Jiffy Airkraft Bags bring together bubble technology and the original Jiffy mailing bag concept in order to provide a reliable and economical postage solution, with the added advantage of lower postage costs.

Featuring a fully laminated Astro SupraBubble lining and a self-seal closure, these Jiffy bags offer enhanced strength and puncture resistance. These Jiffy postage bags are also waterproof for additional protection.

Jiffy Padded Bags

The original Jiffy bag, Jiffy Padded Bags offer optimum strength, durability, and cushioning – ensuring that your goods get from A to B in perfect condition.

Featuring tough outer paper, 100% recycled paper fibre lining, and a folded construction without side seams, these Jiffy padded bags provide a strong and reliable postage solution that will not burst, rip, or puncture.

And, because they’re made from 100% recycled and recyclable material, these highly functional jiffy bags are also eco-friendly.

Jiffy Bubble Wrap

Jiffy bubble wrap provides effective, soft cushioning and the tough protection needed for packaging, storing, moving and shipping all sorts of products and items. Large Jiffy bubble wrap is an ideal solution for more delicate objects and fragile items including glassware, china and treasured belongings.

Bubble wrap is available to buy online in rolls of various sizes.

Jiffy Bubble Bags

Jiffy bubble bags are a fantastic way to seal smaller objects and fragile items to protect them from damage, dust and general wear and tear when in storage, moving, shipping and moving.

The Transpack range of Jiffy bubble bags are ready to buy online and come in 7 sizes.

Key features of the Jiffy bubble bags that we provide include the fact they come with self-seal flaps for quick and easy use, plus they have anti-static versions for computer equipment, mobile phones, and other items that require that specific anti-static functionality.

Buying Jiffy products from Transpack

Explore our full range of Jiffy packaging solutions. If you require any further information about any of our Jiffy bags and packaging, please do not hesitate to contact us.