Food Packaging

Eco-friendly Compostable Takeaway Packaging

Introducing Transpack's Eco-friendly Takeaway Food Boxes, the ultimate solution for on-the-go dining, food stalls and pop up restaurants. Our durable containers keep your delicious meals secure and hot, while maintaining their flavours and textures. With our food packaging, your customers can enjoy a convenient and enjoyable dining experience wherever they go.

Make a sustainable choice with our planet-friendly Kraft takeaway food packaging. Our leak-proof, compostable and biodegradable containers are made from sustainable, renewable resources, reducing your environmental footprint while keeping your food fresh and flavourful. Our takeaway boxes are constructed from unbleached Kraft paperboard, which is free from harmful chemicals and additives. Join us in preserving the planet, one meal at a time, with Transpack's environmentally conscious packaging solutions.

The compostable takeaway boxes are a great alternative to traditional plastic containers and are perfect for takeout, bakery, food delivery, and food market stall applications. The boxes are sturdy and can be easily home composted or they will biodegrade in landfill into non-harmful biomass quickly. If uncontaminated from oils, these boxes are 100% recyclable with cardboard, making them an ideal choice for businesses and consumers looking to reduce their environmental impact.

  • Strong Fluted Burger Boxes - 2 sizes available
  • Kraft Takeaway Boxes - 4 sizes, ranging from Small to XL


Clear Presentation Containers

Our round clear polystyrene presentation boxes have been designed to show off your products from every angle. These containers are commonly used in gift shops and jewellery stores to present products, and in museums to showcase specimens and delicate items.

Clear Presentation containers make very good storage canisters for precious stones at jewellers.

Protect shipwreck coins from contaminations and finger oils by placing them into our clear containers. Also good for laboratory specimens and archeological speciments. One size available.



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