Top 7 Tissue Paper Craft Ideas for Christmas

Circle tissue paper

Tissue paper is a versatile material that can be used for crafts and wrapping, and with so many different colours and patterns available you can be as creative as you like! With Christmas just around the corner, it’s a great time to have fun with the family and make unique crafts for everyone to enjoy.

Not only is tissue paper extremely versatile, it is also recyclable and made from sustainable sources. Whether you want to impress friends and family with your impressive wrapping ideas or make creative crafts with the kids, we have put together our top seven tissue paper craft ideas for Christmas.

1. Simple wrapping

With a vast range of colours and finishes, wrapping with tissue paper is ideal for gifts within a gift bag or box. It’s an extra touch that can make unwrapping the gift more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing. Use metallic stickers or string to keep the tissue paper in place.

2. Tissue paper wreath

Get everyone in on the fun and make a Christmas wreath for your home. You simply need a circular wreath form (cut from a recycled box), glue, lots of tissue paper squares, a small paint brush (for the glue), a ribbon for hanging and any embellishments you would like to add.

Using the paint brush and glue, add small dots of glue onto the wreath form. Then using a square of tissue paper, stick it down from the centre, pulling each edge of the square up so they stick out from the wreath. Continue until the whole form is covered and the tissue paper makes a 3D texture. Finally add any embellishments such as pompoms or sequins and use a ribbon to hang your wreath in your home.

For a more detailed guide, see Happiness Homemade’s tissue paper wreath instructions.

3. Tissue paper flowers

Tissue paper flowers are simple to make yet look really impressive. They’re great to decorate the tops of presents with or to place on your Christmas table.

All you will need is tissue paper, string, scissors and a ruler. Cut out eight rectangles of tissue paper and concertina-fold each layer with the shorter side of the rectangle facing you. Make a small snip at each side of the paper in the centre and tie your string around using the incisions. Then you cut the end of your rectangles into rounded petal shapes before carefully separating each layer of tissue paper, fluffing it out until it looks flower-like.

For more detailed instructions, check out Prima and there easy step-by-step guide!

4. Tassel garland

Garlands are great to hang from windows, doors and tables and if you make your own it can perfectly match your colour scheme. All you will need is some jute string, tissue paper, scissors and a glue gun.

One sheet of tissue paper will make four tassels, so this is a DIY project that you can take your time with and even use as a fun family activity when you have more time. Taking one sheet of tissue paper, fold it lengthwise and then width wise twice. Next, cut thin strips, leaving about two inches of uncut paper at the top. Once you have cut each strip, unfold it once and cut down the middle.

Once you have unfolded and cut your halves, you should have four sections which need rolling at the centre point where the uncut tissue paper is. Next, twist the centre of your rolled paper and fold it in half so the twisted paper makes a loop at the top, using the glue to secure it in place. Now you need to repeat until you have enough tassels for your desired area, before using the string to thread the loops of your tassels!

For more detailed instructions, check out this great guide from Linen Lace and Love!

5. Tissue paper confetti

Using colours of your choice, experiment with scissors and paper punchers to create unique and fun confetti for your table this Christmas. Whether you want a mixture of shapes and colours or uniform circles in green and red, get the whole family involved!

6. Swap colouring in for tissue paper and glue

Whether you’ve drawn the image yourself or you have a fun colouring in book, give your child scissors, glue and an array of coloured tissue papers to use instead. Cutting different shapes and colours of tissue paper to glue down for different areas of the drawing will be a fun change than the usual pencils and felt tips!

7. Use as decoupage paper

Using different shapes and colours to glue onto objects of your choice can be a fun and therapeutic activity that is great for the whole family. Whether you’re decorating a trinket box, phone case or jar, tissue paper is a great affordable option for decoupage.

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