Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, many businesses will be gearing up for the deluge of customers buying gifts to wow and woo their beloved.

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular gifts given at this time of year and are here to help you package them so they arrive safely, undamaged and looking beautiful!


Top 5 gifts for her for Valentine’s Day



Jewellery is a staple for Valentine’s Day, it is one of the first things people will consider for their partner to show their affection and there’s such a breadth of choice when it comes to jewellery! Because of this, there’ll be a surge in purchases of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and yes, engagement rings too, at this time of year.

Offer your customers the option to add gorgeous printed gift wrap to their order so they can make their purchase more personal, or for a pop of colour and personality, how about coloured tissue paper finished off with a choice of ribbon?

Giving your customer the chance to make their gift more personal to their partner is an easy win for both you and them – a cherry on top of the sale for you and extra brownie points for the customer.


Sweet Treats

If you’re in the baking business, Valentine’s is a great time of year for you! Lots of people looking to treat their loved ones to their favourite cookies or chocolates.

We have a range of clear bags to help display your gourmet goodies, whether’s that’s homemade fudge, artisanal popcorn, handcrafted pasta or a custom confectionary mix. We have bags with block bottoms, bags with silver card bases, cone-shaped display bags, gusseted cellophane gift bags, small clear cookie bags and window bags when you only want to highlight the front of your product.

Finish off your bag of treats with a metallic gold clip or with a metallic silver elastic cord. Make your fulfilment easier with some self-adhesive discs or thank you stickers, and let your customers know your packaging is compostable. Check out the rest of our accessories for cellophane bags here.



Champagne and no-secco will be in high demand this Valentine’s Day to help get people into a romantic mood.

Be sure you can meet your customer’s needs with these gusseted clear bottle bags that can be sealed with a metallic cord, curling ribbon, jute rope, satin ribbon (or any of our other ribbons), depending on your business aesthetic!



If you offer baking lessons, you could open up your business by offering baking hampers for your customers. Stock up on trays, shredded paper and compostable film roll, and fill your hampers with baking staples like flour, sugar, vanilla essence, a whisk, palette knife and some recipe cards.

Or, if you’re in the gardening trade, you could fill hampers with seeds, a trowel, weed fork, string, kneel mat, moisturiser and a how-to booklet.

You can fill a hamper with anything that suits your audience, so it’s perfect for any number of businesses! Finish off your hamper with this love heart patterned ribbon, ideal for Valentine’s Day! Check our entire hamper packing range here.


Greetings Cards

What Valentine’s Day gift would be complete without a greeting card? We see you, cardmakers! This is an exceptional time of year for you to get your witty, romantic and perhaps cheeky messages out there to the masses.

One of your biggest concerns will of course be ensuring your customers receive their cards in a pristine condition – this is where our greetings card bags come in! We have different-sized bags, or sleeves, for your greetings cards, all in glossy, resealable polypropylene material. If you need a custom size for your cards, we’ve got you covered with our custom offering.


Top 5 gifts for him for Valentine’s Day



Clothes are a great way for someone to show how well they know their partner – getting the right style and fit is sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face.

We’ve got everything you need to make sure your clothes get to their intended unspoiled and looking great: a range of clear, self-sealing garment bags, some with hooks (available in black and clear), as well as white backing board inserts to keep the garment flat (small and large available). All bags are resealable and are printed with a safety warning notice.

For a more eco-friendly choice, you could use our recyclable and compostable PIP boxes which are perfect for couriering your custom printed t-shirts and can be finished with a flourish of ribbon.


Artwork and Photos

If you run an artwork or photo business, you’ll probably be rushed with orders for custom prints or quirky designs, just in time to make your customers’ loved ones laugh at an inside joke or perhaps get a little misty-eyed.

Take a look at our crystal clear artwork and photo bags – available in a range of sizes and all with the important self-sealing flaps to make sure your artwork arrives unspoiled. Their pH-neutral formula protects your designs from harmful oils and the bags are fully recyclable.

For larger prints, we have a range of postal tubes that can accommodate up to size A0.

Let your customers add a personal note with their order on one of our gift tags.



Sharing a book with a loved one, inviting them into a world that means so much to the gifter, can be such an intimate act; whether it’s a love story, a memoir or an escape into fantasy, it’s yet another connection between two people

We have a number of products for shipping books out to your literary lovers. Our book packs will protect your books in transit and they are recyclable and made from sustainable sources. You could also use our PIP postal boxes – they come in a range of sizes and patterns, and some are suitable for home composting!


Potted Plants

Of course, flowers are more typical for Valentine’s Day but don’t leave your potted plants in the shade – give them a push by decorating them with cellophane wrap and ribbon so they’re gift-ready. Don’t forget to upsell with plant food!


Handmade Pottery

If you craft beautiful, handmade pottery, the last thing you want is for it to break, especially before it reaches its owner and certainly not if it’s a gift lovingly chosen for Valentine’s Day. That’s why we stock a wide range of protective packaging materials, including bubble wrap, bubble bags, polyethylene foam, rolls of corrugated cardboard, loose-fill packing materials and air cushion machines. We’re here to help ensure your handcrafted pieces get to where they need to go, safely.

Once you’ve got your protective packaging picked out, you’ll need a box to put it in! We have double-wall cardboard cartons for strength and rigidity, perfect for delicate items – and they’re available in 15 different sizes.


Why Transpack

We stock a wide range of packaging options for all sorts of products and gifts, making sure they are protected and well-presented! If there’s anything you can’t find on our website, contact our friendly team to find out about our bespoke options.