Tips on how to store your winter clothes

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With the much-anticipated arrival of the spring weather and us setting our sights on the warmer months ahead, we inevitably turn to how we can store our winter clothes during this period.

But if you have a host of thick, chunky clothing and space is limited, how can you go about storing your winter wardrobe to cleverly make use of storage while keeping your items well protected?

To help, we have compiled our top tips on how to store your winter clothes safely and securely throughout the summer months.

Winter clothing storage ideas: Preparation

When it comes to winter clothing storage, preparation is key. Not only is it important to store your items the right way, but ensuring they are cleaned ahead of packing will help keep your garments in the very best condition while they are being stored. Here are some useful tips:

Clean clothes beforehand

While your winter clothing may look perfectly clean on the surface, making the effort to clean all items before they are stored will help protect your garments and keep them in the best condition possible.

From cashmere sweaters that need a dry clean to hand wash only items, ensure these are cleaned ahead of being put away to keep the material protected and to encourage longevity.

If your clothes are dirty when stored, any bodily oils, perfumes or toiletry scents could run the risk of attracting moths and lead to an unpleasant, stale smell embedded into the fabric.


Placing pleasant drops of essential oils like lavender or perfumed dryer sheets inside your clothing storage bags or containers are likely to prevent your garments from becoming musty throughout the warmer months.

Clothing storage ideas

To help you optimise storage space while keeping your winter wardrobe protected, there are a host of clothing storage options available from Transpack, such as:

Garment bags

Perfect for keeping your clothes looking their best and free from dust and dirt, our self-seal garment bags are a must for winter clothing storage. Secure the self-seal flap down on the bag to ensure your items won’t come into contact with dirt and will remain perfectly protected until they can be worn again.

Our garment bags are available both with or without a hook. If you are looking to safely store and stack your clothing into boxes, our hookless garment bags is the answer. Ideal for under the bed storage or storage into boxes, keep your thick t-shirts and thin jumpers dust-free, ready for their winter appearance.

Alternatively, our range of hooked garment bags make for a perfect solution for hanging your winter clothing on a dedicated clothes rail or storage cupboard.

Wardrobe boxes

Keep your bulkier winter jackets and coats crease-free and protected by storing them in a sturdy wardrobe box. Made from strong double-wall cardboard, our robust wardrobe boxes are recyclable and come complete with a strong hanging rail, making them ideal to safety store hanging items.

Ideally suited to safety moving items from A-B, our wardrobe boxes are agile and can be stored in cupboards, loft space and garages, ensuring your items are safe and well organised throughout the warmer months.

Eco-friendly packaging
Here at Transpack, we are proud to supply an array of eco-friendly packaging solutions. From replacing traditional plastic packaging with cardboard boxes to sustainable packaging solutions, Transpack can help you to become more eco-friendly when it comes to safely storing your winter wardrobe.

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