The real cost of product packaging

Packaging costs vary depending on what you’re packing and the materials you choose to use. Naturally, some are more expensive than others and by buying materials in bulk, you will generally get a cheaper deal.

There are many aspects that come into the cost of packaging from materials, tools, transport, storage and volume. How much packaging costs is not a completely straight forward question because of all these variables, but, we have put together some figures for different types of packaging to give you an idea of the real cost of packaging.


If you’re sending items that require a simple and small cardboard box you could package 10 for £3.10. However, the more you purchase, the cheaper the cost in the long run. For example: 26 pieces = £7.02 (a saving of 13%) 100 pieces = £24 (a saving of 23%) 201 pieces = £38.19 (a saving on 39%). The more you purchase, the cheaper each singular cardboard box becomes, so if you will be packaging and sending in bulk, it is always best to purchase in bulk.

There are many other variables that affect the price when buying a box from the size, thickness, material and style of closure.


There are many different styles of bags from bubble, paper, jiffy, cellophane and postal bags. Take a simple padded jiffy bag that you may send a book or item of clothing in for example, you would pay £25.95 for a box of 100, however if you buy two boxes it would cost £49.70 (a saving of 5%) and if you bought five boxes, it would cost £114.75 (a saving of 12%).

Tissue Paper

How you package your item inside the box or bag is also important if you want to ensure repeat custom and make a good impression. Tissue paper is one of the many ways that businesses wrap items inside of the main packaging material. If you buy 500 sheets, the cost is £11.15, whereas if you purchase two packs of 500 sheets it costs £19.44 (a saving of 13%) and four packs costs £36.76 (a saving of 18%).


The way in which you choose to protect your item is important as you don’t want breakages and unnecessary returns. Bubble wrap is a very popular protective item and one large roll of 50 meters costs £49.76 whereas three rolls costs £139.50 (a saving of 7%) and six rolls costs £271.32 (a saving of 10%).


Multi-use packing tape is always a handy item to have when packaging items. Six rolls will cost you £7.08 whereas 36 rolls will cost £33.84 (a saving of 21%) and 108 rolls will cost you £84.24 (a saving of 34%).

As a business, there are many other costs to factor in alongside the actual materials themselves. Packaging plays a large roll in customer satisfaction in the current online shopping world and although the product will be the same no matter the packaging, attractive and well packaged items will be of a higher value to your customer. You also need to factor in the labour it takes to pack the items, where they are stored, how they are transported and the logistics for returns or damages.

Overall, it is always better to buy in bulk if you are sending items on a regular basis as this will keep your overheads down and provide you with more for less! If you have any questions regarding bulk buying or the cost of packaging, please get in touch!

Author: Lisa Shavren

Lisa joined Transpack in 2012 as Customer Sales Executive having spent ten years in a customer service focused role within the Hospitality industry. Lisa has developed a wide range of technical knowledge which she uses to advise customers, whilst also researching current trends and exploring new opportunities to ensure Transpack keeps up to date with the latest packaging innovations.