The complete guide to seasonal packaging

simple seasonal packaging guide

The complete guide to seasonal packaging

Seasonal packaging brings with it an opportunity to showcase your products, attract customers and stand out in competitive marketplaces.

But if you are looking to adopt a seasonal approach to your packaging, you are likely to be faced with several questions and wondering where to start. What are the key considerations you need to address and how can you maximise the marketing opportunity that seasonal packaging could add to your business?

From precision packaging planning through to inspiring packaging ideas, our experts here at Transpack have compiled a complete guide to seasonal packaging to help answer your queries.

What are the benefits of seasonal packaging?

Adopting a seasonal packaging approach within your business brings a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Enabling you to stay competitive with big brands within your industry or niche
  • Helping your products stand out from the crowd
  • A strong and eye-catching promotional tool
  • Adding an element of fun and quirkiness to your product offering
  • Enticing returning customers and increasing customer loyalty

Who should use seasonal packaging?

While seasonal packaging is a useful technique to adopt throughout the year, there are specific industries which lend themselves to seasonal showcasing more than others.

Christmas jumper and clothing suppliers, for instance, will be in pursuit of Christmas packaging ideas. Bakers and chocolatiers Can maximise sales opportunities by promoting for Mother’s Day, Easter and Valentine’s Day.

The demand and success of seasonal packaging greatly depends on your product offering together with your customer base. A key consideration is who you are targeting.

Look at your competitors to see if they are using seasonal packaging as part of their marketing and promotional techniques. It could be that you are missing out on a significant and lucrative opportunity to market your product and reap the many benefits that seasonal packaging can deliver.

Top tip

Want to go seasonal? Consider the following to help you decide:

  • Your own business model
  • Your product offering
  • Your customer base

When should I use seasonal packaging?

Need some inspiration for when to use seasonal packaging? There are numerous opportunities to adopt seasonal packaging throughout the calendar year, however not all will apply or be beneficial to your business.

The time to use seasonal packaging differs greatly from industry to industry and depends largely on your customer base. While not all of them will be beneficial to your business, the key times throughout the year you could use seasonal packaging include:

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Halloween
  • Bonfire night
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s and Father’s Day
  • Your company birthday
  • An industry anniversary or milestone
  • Major sporting events e.g. Wimbledon, the World Cup, the Olympics
  • Holidays e.g. Queen’s Jubilee, St George’s Day

Top tip

Look at what seasonal packaging your key competitors are producing within your industry and at which times of year. Are they jumping on Halloween but leaving out Cupid? Perhaps they are targeting Wimbledon but leaving out Christmas? Use this insight as a tool to spring into action and use seasonal packaging to its full advantage.

Precision packaging planning

Taking the decision to adopt seasonal packaging is a wise and exciting one. However, there is advanced planning needed to ensure a smooth seasonal launch and to make sure you don’t run out of time.

After all, the last thing you wantis to run the risk of launching your Valentine’s Day romantic range on 15th February due to poor planning.

When planning your seasonal launch, consider:

  • That the process could take several months to perfect
  • Working the dates back from the key event or holiday and enabling plenty of planning time
  • Contacting a supplier way in advance to discuss your ideas and requirements
  • Planning any seasonal changes around four-six weeks in advance of launch

Top tip

Stay ahead of the game and plan your seasonal packaging launch in advance. Contact Transpack to discuss requirements, lead times and your ideas. Our experts will be sure to offer sound advice and help get your seasonal vision started.

Seasonal packaging ideas unwrapped

Here at Transpack, we appreciate that each of our customers have unique needs in line with their business and industry, and this is reflected in our wide-range of seasonal packaging solutions.

Christmas packaging

We are aware that for many businesses, Christmas is the busiest time of the year. Avoid buying from a multitude of different suppliers for the various types of packaging you need by looking at our Christmas packaging ideas.

From festive patterned ribbons to compostable greeting card bags, add festive cheer to your product packaging this Christmas.

Patterned cellophane bags

Our range of patterned cellophane bags make for the perfect seasonal packaging solution, no matter what the time of year.

From butterflies to polka dots, gold lace design to patterned snowflakes, you’re sure to find the ideal seasonal solution with our range of patterned cellophane bags.

Hamper packaging

If your business is looking to create seasonal hampers, perhaps around Easter, Mother’s Day, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, our range of hamper packaging is just what you’re looking for. Make your seasonal products stand out by nestling them on bales of recyclable shredded paper and displaying them in high quality hamper trays with cellophane covers.

Tissue paper

Available in a selection of colours, we supply patterned and Christmas tissue paper wholesale for bulk purchase at warehouse prices. Whether you are looking for metallic shades for a company milestone, classic colours for Halloween or something a little more festive, we have the exact type of tissue paper to fulfil your seasonal packaging requirements.

Coloured Kraft wrapping paper

Looking for Eco friendly alternative? We have a range of coloured recyclable wrapping paper to buy online in lots of colour variations including; metallic silver and gold, pink, blue, burgundy, plus many more.

The Kraft coloured wrapping paper provides a superior packaging experience when compared to cheaper and inferior alternatives. The Kraft ranges are also fully recyclable. Made from sustainable forests, our eco-friendly wrapping paper is the ideal choice for sending parcels through the post, as well as wrapping items and gifts for special occasions. Tie with paper raffia ribbon for a totally eco-friendly parcel.

No matter your business and product offering, we have an array of seasonal packaging options available for you to choose from.

Looking for a seasonal packaging solution? Look no further than Transpack

We are a long-established, family-run business boasting unrivalled expertise, customer service and a stock of thousands of high-quality bulk and wholesale packaging products. If you are looking for a seasonal packaging solution, look no further than Transpack.

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Author: Sally Abdy

Sally acquired Transpack in 2009 as Managing Director and joint owner, having spent 25 years running a print and design partnership where she gained extensive knowledge in developing bespoke print and packaging solutions for clients. Prior to this Sally worked in the Grain Trade. Today her focus is providing sales and comprehensive technical product advice whilst constantly researching and bringing new products to market in response to customer demand.