How to Package your Mattress for Safe Delivery or Storage

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Mattresses are notoriously awkward to move and store; they’re unwieldy, heavy, not waterproof, and customers expect them to arrive in pristine condition. Add to that the fact that a mattress is a highly personal, high value item that people use everyday, and you have one tricky to piece of furniture to move.

How should I wrap my bed mattress?

So how should you wrap a mattress for delivery or storage? Whether your business needs to deliver a mattress to a customer, or you’re planning on packaging your own mattress to move house or place in storage, here’s our advice for making sure it arrives safely and without dirt or damage.

Keep your mattress in perfect condition with mattress bags

How to wrap a bed mattress for moving house or delivery

If your business delivers mattresses to customers or you need to move your own mattress for a house move, you’ll need to make sure it’s securely and hygienically wrapped.

Start by ensuring you have enough room to move around the mattress and manouvre it, if it’s your mattress remove it from the bedframe and completely strip it. This isn’t really a one person job, mattresses are large and surprisingly heavy and as such are very difficult to support and wrap single-handedly. We don’t recommend trying to package one by yourself!

Once the mattress is in a space large enough to allow you to lift and move it, wrap it in a polythene mattress bag. Our clear waterproof mattress bags come in three sizes;

  • single
  • double
  • king-size

All our mattress bags come with a depth that fits mattresses of up to 260mm, they are large enough to fully enclose your mattress to make sure it stays clean, dry and protected. The mattress bags open along the short side so here you’ll need your second pair of hands to help you get the mattress inside.

Mattress bag gauge selection

If you’re delivering or moving a mattress a fairly short distance, choose one of our medium duty 250 gauge mattress bags, or if it’s a longer journey, opt for our heavy duty 450 gauge mattress bags, with a thicker polythene design to offer extra protection for transit.

mattress storage

Remove as much excess air from the mattress bag as possible, before sealing the mattress inside the bag with our self-adhesive, eco-friendly packing tape, completely taping down the plastic around the opening so that no loose bits of plastic can get caught as you move it. You may also want to wrap extra tape or rope around the mattress to secure any excess plastic.

When it comes to transporting your mattress, we don’t recommend ever moving it on top of a vehicle, even heavily tied down over just a short distance this can be dangerous for you and other road users. Tying a mattress tightly enough to make sure it won’t budge is also likely to damage the springs at the edges.

Make sure you have a large enough van or moving trailer to transport your mattress safely as ideally you’ll want it to lie flat. Propping up a mattress on its side can cause the materials inside to shift and change, meaning it may never feel quite the same again. If you’re transporting more than one mattress, stack them on top of each other, lying flat.

Don’t forget, at Transpack you can buy just a single mattress bag for a single use, or buy in bulk for your business at great value prices.

Mattress storage: How to wrap a mattress for storage

Wrapping a mattress for storage is similar to preparing one for delivery or moving, although there are some extra steps you should take to ensure your mattress stays as good as new.

Before you wrap your mattress in a mattress bag for storage, take time to give it a good clean with upholstery cleaner and a vacuum. Storage facilities should be clean and dry but nevertheless, damage through damp or temperature changes can occur, and this will minimise the risk of any deterioration to your mattress over time.

Ask someone to help you move the mattress into the bag in the same way as described above, but make sure you have a heavy duty 450 gauge mattress bag, which will offer extra defense against dust, damp and damage for long-term storage.

Transport your mattress to your storage location in a suitable vehicle as described above and remember, never be tempted to strap your mattress to the roof of your car!

Mattress storage location

Ideally, your storage location will be a fit for purpose storage space, as air conditions and temperature are important for maintaining the condition of your mattress. We don’t recommend storing a mattress in a garage, loft or basement, even with a protective bag your mattress can suffer from mould build-up eventually. Store your mattress flat, never propped up on its side as this is sure to cause damage to the internal springs and materials over time.

When you take your mattress out of storage again, remember to allow time for it to breathe after removing it from the mattress bag. This will enable any lingering odours to disperse before you make up the bed.

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Author: Lisa Shavren

Lisa joined Transpack in 2012 as Customer Sales Executive having spent ten years in a customer service focused role within the Hospitality industry. Lisa has developed a wide range of technical knowledge which she uses to advise customers, whilst also researching current trends and exploring new opportunities to ensure Transpack keeps up to date with the latest packaging innovations.