Is tissue paper eco-friendly?

Eco-friendly tissue paper

Tissue paper has a whole host of uses across a number of industries, creating attractive and high-quality packaging or for arts and crafts. With a range of colours to choose from and the option to print a bespoke pattern or logo on the paper, it’s perfect for taking packaging to the next level and making the unboxing experience more interesting for consumers.

It’s no surprise so many brands use tissue paper to improve the look of their packaging, adding an extra layer of protection to products and tailoring the colours or patterns to their overall style, but the question still remains – is tissue paper eco-friendly?

What is tissue paper made of?

Tissue paper is made from either wood fibres or recycled materials. Here at Transpack, our tissue paper is made from recyclable and sustainable sources, making it biodegradable. The dye we use for coloured paper is also considered environmentally friendly as we use water-based products.

Is tissue paper eco-friendly?

Yes, tissue paper is eco-friendly as it is made from recycled materials that are sourced sustainably. Once used, you can then choose to reuse your tissue paper for future wrapping or crafts, or alternatively, it is 100% recyclable.

Can you compost tissue paper?

Yes, tissue paper is compostable and can be good for your compost pile as it will soak up any water and keep it from being smelly. However, if tissue paper has plastic tapes or glitter attached, it would not be compostable.

When buying paper products, opting for recycled materials is great for the environment and if you carry on to either recycle or compost your used tissue paper, you will be contributing to the protection of our environment.

Here at Transpack, we strongly support the use of sustainable packaging and we offer recyclable tissue paper in a range of colours including metallic gold and silver and patterned papers for the festive season. All of our tissue paper is acid free and bleed resistant, meaning it will not damage any items when used as wrapping or part of a product.

We also offer a bespoke service for businesses wanting to customise their tissue paper with repeat designs, colourwashes or their logo. If you would like to find out more about the eco-friendly nature of our tissue paper, or find out how we can provide bespoke tissue paper in bulk for your business, get in touch today!

Author: Sally Abdy

Sally acquired Transpack in 2009 as Managing Director and joint owner, having spent 25 years running a print and design partnership where she gained extensive knowledge in developing bespoke print and packaging solutions for clients. Prior to this Sally worked in the Grain Trade. Today her focus is providing sales and comprehensive technical product advice whilst constantly researching and bringing new products to market in response to customer demand.