How to ship perishable goods

Perishable goods - Macaroons

As an online retailer, it is extremely important to ship your perishable goods correctly. You need to ensure you have the correct packaging, that you follow regulations and find a suitable courier service that can meet your needs.

Once you have taken all the steps required and have an organised setup to deliver your perishable goods direct to customers, it can run just as smoothly as delivering any standard package. Here are some steps you should take to ensure your perishable goods are being shipped in a safe manner.

Shipping regulations

When it comes to shipping perishable goods, different countries have different rules and regulations. Ensure you check these regulations and if you plan to offer international shipping, you will need to check the shipping customs for each country.

Suitable packaging

You need to ensure all perishable goods are suitably packaged and follow any regulations that surround the packaging of certain foods. Many perishable goods need to be kept at a certain temperature that not all delivery services can offer.

For goods that must be kept cold, you can opt for corrugated cardboard containers and use frozen gel packs or dry ice to keep the content’s temperature consistent. Dry ice is a great product as it won’t moisten the cardboard, unlike frozen gel packs, although there are regulations as to how much you can use and ship.

Choose the right courier

When choosing a courier, there are many that provide temperature-controlled shipments for perishable goods. You should label all packages to make your courier aware of what is in the package and how to handle it. For example, if you use dry ice, you will need to let the handler know to avoid dry-ice burn.

To avoid costly mistakes, you need to be sure that your shipping partner can deliver your goods at appropriate times, without leaving your products in warm warehouses for hours or even days. It’s important to find someone that is right for your business and customers, capable of delivering promptly and effectively.

Let the customer know

On your website, make it clear to customers exactly what your shipment policies are, when they will receive their perishable goods and if they need to sign on delivery.

If you would like any more information on how to package your perishable goods, get in touch – we’d love to help!

Author: Lisa Shavren

Lisa joined Transpack in 2012 as Customer Sales Executive having spent ten years in a customer service focused role within the Hospitality industry. Lisa has developed a wide range of technical knowledge which she uses to advise customers, whilst also researching current trends and exploring new opportunities to ensure Transpack keeps up to date with the latest packaging innovations.