How to package eBay items

carboard box packaging for eBay

As an eBay seller, you want to package your sold items appropriately to ensure they arrive with the buyer safely, and to give you more chance of receiving a positive review.

If you run a business via eBay, you may want to put some extra effort into packaging by using branded packaging and extras such as tissue paper and ribbons. Here are some simple guidelines to ensure your items arrive safely and in one piece.

Choose appropriate packing materials

No matter what the item, you need to select an envelope, bag or box that is appropriately sized to prevent your item rattling around or being too tightly squeezed and cause damage. Assess your item and judge whether it needs extra protection, such as bubble wrap or loose fill, to avoid unnecessary breakages in transit.

Seal the package with care

Use a strong parcel tape to reinforce the seams of your box and secure your items in their container. This can prevent damage to the box itself and avoid items going missing due to a poorly packaged parcel.

Label the package clearly

It’s an obvious one, but make sure to double check the customer’s address and contact details before you send the parcel and include a return address for any issues during transit. If you use a PayPal account, once you have made a sale you can log in and print a shipping label with the buyer’s details on.

If you’re looking for suitable packaging products for your eBay shop, here at Transpack we provide a huge range of bags, boxes and protective packaging items. If you would like more information about packing for eBay or want to enquire about branded packaging and bulk purchases, please get in touch.

Author: Sally Abdy

Sally acquired Transpack in 2009 as Managing Director and joint owner, having spent 25 years running a print and design partnership where she gained extensive knowledge in developing bespoke print and packaging solutions for clients. Prior to this Sally worked in the Grain Trade. Today her focus is providing sales and comprehensive technical product advice whilst constantly researching and bringing new products to market in response to customer demand.