How to fold and package clothes for posting

What packaging should I use for clothing?

Clothes are one of the most common items to be found in a delivery, from high-street fashion brands to small sellers on eBay. Folding and packaging them in an appropriate and attractive way makes all the difference, and the consumer is then more likely to return to your shop or even leave a positive review.

It doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult to create effective packaging for a customer, which is why we have created this simple guide on how to fold and package clothes for posting.

Folding clothes for posting

Firstly, you need to fold your clothes in the most efficient way for the packaging and to minimise creasing. It is best to get the clothing as flat and as neat as possible whether you’re sending the item in a bag or a box.

To help reduce creasing, you can steam items if you feel confident or use tissue paper in between the folds. Tissue paper is also great to use around areas of clothing that includes embellishments, buttons, belts or zips. This will reduce the likelihood of any surface damage during transit.

What packaging should I use for clothing?

The type of packaging you use for clothes all depends on the garment itself. It hinges on how many items you’re sending, the material, weight, and the style of each piece. If you are sending multiple items, it can be beneficial to use separate bags to package each item before putting them all into a single bag or box. This will help to reduce damage or any clothes becoming entwined with one another.

For lighter clothing items, a jiffy bag or polythene bag should be strong enough, as long as it’s not overfilled. If you are packaging larger or heavier items such as thick coats or denim, you may want to package them in a box. It is always beneficial to check what weight a box will hold before you send your clothing, so you can be certain it will arrive in good condition.

Ideally, all items should be placed in a waterproof layer, providing extra protection if the package was to get damp or wet.

Here at Transpack, we provide a range of packaging materials ideal for sending clothing. From self-seal garment bags, a range of postal and mailing bags, a selection of tissue papers and various boxes, you’re guaranteed to find something right for your business.

If you would like more information about packaging clothing, or would like to ask any questions about our products, please get in touch!

Author: Lisa Shavren

Lisa joined Transpack in 2012 as Customer Sales Executive having spent ten years in a customer service focused role within the Hospitality industry. Lisa has developed a wide range of technical knowledge which she uses to advise customers, whilst also researching current trends and exploring new opportunities to ensure Transpack keeps up to date with the latest packaging innovations.