How to dispose of compostable bags

Compostable bags, with their superior eco-friendly properties, have revolutionised waste disposal.

By opting for this popular packaging type, businesses and individuals alike make the decision to be more eco-conscious and, in doing so, take vital steps to help safeguard the environment.

We discuss compostable bags, their uses and address all you need to know about the disposal of this superior eco-friendly packaging solution.

What are compostable bags?

Compostable PLA (Polylactic acid) bags are an environmentally friendly packaging solution which decompose when they are exposed to the right levels of:

  • Moisture
  • Bacteria
  • Oxygen
  • Heat

Compostable bags offer consumers countless benefits, from being eco-friendly and sustainable, to food safe and heat sealable. Once broken down, compostable bags and their organic matter will make nutrient-rich compost.

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With a large range of compostable and biodegradable bags available at Transpack, you and your business can make a significant and environmentally conscious choice when it comes to your packaging.

What are compostable bags made from?

Compostable bags are made from several natural materials, which include:

  • Vegetable matter
  • Corn starch
  • Sustainable wood pulp
  • Potato starch

How do you dispose of compostable bags?

Whether you are looking to adopt eco-friendly packaging at home or within your business, compostable bags can be safely composted in several ways.

Some compostable films need to be Industrially composted, like our Nativia ® film. They can often be placed with garden waste or food waste, which is taken away for composting, although it’s always worth checking with your local Council that they accept compostable bags in this way.

If you are looking to dispose of your compostable bags at home, this can be done on a home compost heap or bin, providing the bags or film are certified home compostable, like Natureflex ™.

How long does it take for compostable bags to decompose?

There are several factors that impact the composting process and affect the time is takes for compostable bags to fully degrade. The EN13432 certification which compostable bags must have means that they will disintegrate after 12 weeks and completely biodegrade in 6 months.

Why is it important to use biodegradable shopping bags?

Compostable plastic is made from natural materials and, when exposed to bacteria or other living organisms, will decompose naturally.

The use of compostable bags greatly reduces the quantity of plastic bags ending up in landfill sites, where they take many years to degrade.

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