How Amazon self-shipping sellers can better package items

Amazon seller packaging

If you’re selling products on Amazon, it’s important that they are effectively packaged so that they arrive at their destination safely and in perfect condition.

Amazon offers two shipping options, seller self-shipping and Fulfilment by Amazon. Sellers who choose to opt for the Fulfilment by Amazon shipping method will have their orders packaged and shipped by Amazon. However, if you opt for a seller self-shipping you will be responsible for packaging the items yourself, as well as shipping.

Here’s our guide to packaging Amazon items for self-shipping sellers, including some packaging and prep requirements:

Choose an appropriate packaging material

Whatever the shape and size of the item you’re posting, make sure you select appropriate packaging materials.

Once you’ve selected the best packaging material, you’ll also need to ensure it’s the right size and shape. After all, if your product is packaged in a box that is too big or is squeezed into packaging that’s too small, this can result in damage to the item.

Go the extra mile

Finishing touches can make all the difference. Why not go the extra mile and use tissue paper or decorative materials such as ribbons and stamps to personalise your packaging or create the perfect unboxing experience?

Adhere to Amazon’s packaging guidelines

Amazon stipulates that boxed units must be six-sided and will not easily open on their own. Ensure your package is securely closed with tape, glue or staples.

If you are using a poly bag, make sure it is sealed well and transparent. The brand’s packaging guidelines also state that sellers must ensure poly bags with a 5-inch opening or larger have a suffocation warning, either printed on the bag or attached as a label. This is an Amazon requirement and failure to comply may lead to your item being re-packaged.

Finally, each package must have an exterior scannable barcode or label that is easily accessible, and each unit must have a unique FNSKU.

To ensure your Amazon item is fully compliant with all of Amazon’s requirements, thoroughly read through the packing and prep requirements here.

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