Heavy duty vs medium duty bags: Which are best for businesses and why

Bags are brilliantly versatile and endlessly useful. If your business produces or trades in goods of any kind, it’s likely that you’ll need to use a bag of sorts at some stage of the process to wrap, transport or protect your products. At Transpack, we stock an enormous range of polythene, cellophane, paper and postal bags for a vast array of uses, so we’re confident we can find a bag to suit your business needs.

Many of our bags are available in both medium and heavy duty materials, designed to provide exactly the right level of protection and strength for any purpose. Our heavy duty bags are able to stand up to the demands of even the toughest storage and protective tasks.

So which are better for your business – medium or heavy duty bags? It really depends on what you need them for, as we explore here.

Which is stronger – heavy or medium duty polythene?

Polythene is a hard-wearing yet lightweight and pliable synthetic resin and its thickness or density is measured in gauge (Imperial) or micron (European metric). To convert the gauge of polythene into microns, simply divide it by four. The higher the gauge or micron measurement, the thicker and stronger the polythene.

As the name suggests, heavy duty polythene is stronger than medium duty. There are many different medium and heavy duty types of polythene on the market, in a variety of strengths, which reflects the infinite uses of this multipurpose material.

Do I need medium duty or heavy duty bags?

The type of polythene bag you need depends very much on what your business needs it for. We understand that there is no limit to the variety of items a business may need bags for, so we aim to provide a polythene bags in a size and strength for virtually any purpose.

Here’s a selection of some of our most popular bags available in both medium and heavy duty polythene.

Medium duty and heavy duty clear polythene bags

Our clear polythene bags are some of the most versatile bags we stock. Available in 25 sizes in a plain, transparent, food safe polythene, they can be used to neatly store anything from nuts and bolts to furniture, protecting it from dust and dirt.

In 200 gauge or 50 micron polythene, our medium duty clear polythene bags are perfect for storing moderately heavy items without any sharp edges, such as cereals, pet foods, electrical components and cables. Our heavy duty clear polythene bags are made of 400 gauge or 100 micron polythene, better suited to large volumes of heavier, sharper items, like hardware, tools and mechanical parts.

Medium duty and heavy duty refuse sacks

Refuse sacks need to be tough enough to contain even heavy rubbish without splitting or leaking. We know how infuriating it is when a rubbish bags breaks, so our Transpack refuse sacks are made of the highest quality polythene.

We have both medium duty and heavy duty refuse bags for your business. Our 160 gauge medium duty refuse bags are large enough to contain high volumes of everyday waste, while if you need to dispose of heavy, compacted waste or gardening rubbish, you’ll need our extra strong 300 gauge heavy duty Compacta sacks.

Medium duty and heavy duty mattress and sofa storage bags

Moving or storing high value furniture like mattresses, sofas and armchairs requires strong, waterproof wrapping that can withstand potential knocks and bumps, and long periods left in storage.

Our medium duty sofa packaging bags are ideal for house moves, furniture delivery or whenever you need to protect or transport furniture so it remains clean and undamaged. At 200 gauge or 50 micron, these polythene bags will provide  a waterproof layer for your furniture. Our medium duty mattress bags are made of slightly thicker 250 gauge polythene, to offer added protection against damp, dirt and dust.

As mattresses are often placed in storage for extended lengths of time, we also offer a heavy duty mattress bag in 450 gauge polythene, which will give your mattress extra protection. These bags are also the best choice if your mattress is going to be moved about and handled before it is stored.

Medium duty and heavy duty carrier bags

Perfect for carrying literally anything comfortably and securely, our carrier bags come in a clear variogauge duty variety and glossy white medium and heavy duty varieties.

The clear heavy duty carrier bags are made using two different strengths of polythene; 360 gauge at the handle to support its contents and 180 gauge at the base. They are perfect for boutiques, exhibitions and events.

Our white carrier bags are opaque and are available in a medium duty 120 gauge polythene with a reinforced handle, great for clothing, magazines and jewellery. Heavier items such as hardware and books are more at home in our thicker heavy duty white carrier bags, which also benefit from 180 gauge polythene at the bottom and reinforced 360 gauge polythene around the handle.

Medium and heavy duty mailing bags

When sending important documents or vulnerable products to your customers, it’s crucial they arrive at their destination as good as new. Our mailing bags can be bought made from clear, opaque or extra strong heavy duty polythene, so you can be sure your contents will be secure and protected.

If you need to store or send items in a clear polythene bag, we can provide either medium duty or heavy duty mailing solutions. In a range of sizes, our 35 micron medium duty bags are stronger than manila envelopes but water-resistant and lighter to post. At double the strength, our heavy duty clear mailing bags are made from 70 micron polythene for heavier magazines and catalogues.

Most of our opaque mailing bags come in medium duty 60 micron polythene so that it’s not possible to see through them, and in a variety of colours. Heavier or more sensitive items can be sent using our heavy duty 90 micron grey opaque mailing bags, which also feature a very secure supertack tamperproof self-seal strip.

For more advice about our packaging products and solutions and how they can benefit your business, browse through our blog, or give us a call on 02380 869999.