Eco-friendly sustainable packaging in 2021 and beyond

Sustainable business practices are more prominent than ever, with sustainability fast becoming a higher priority for businesses and larger enterprises across the globe.

Not only is sustainable working driving a shift in consumer demand, but it is encouraging big brands to tackle ongoing plastic waste issues by adopting sustainable packaging solutions.

Countless brands such as Tetra Pak, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are already using eco-friendly packaging, with the fast-food giant announcing it will use completely renewable, recycled packaging by 2025.

We’ll discuss eco-friendly packaging options, its importance and what the future landscape looks like for sustainable packaging.

What is sustainable packaging and why is it needed?

The topic of eco-friendly, sustainable packaging is one that we are all familiar with, due to it being a subject often in the media spotlight and being front of mind for companies operating across all industries.

Sustainable packaging is the umbrella term for any materials or packaging which attempts to reduce the increase of waste products going into landfill sites. The concept of sustainability focuses on the use of eco-friendly materials, such as biodegradable and recyclable packaging that will naturally break down and return to nature once it is no longer needed.

The purpose of sustainable packaging is to swap single use plastic (SUP) for other materials, which we explain in more detail below.

The requirement for sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging is top priority across the world. The need for action is evident, with WRAP UK reporting

What are examples of eco-friendly packaging?

Examples of eco-friendly packaging include:

  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Biodegradable plastic/bio plastic made from plant products
  • Reusable plastic

Here at Transpack, we are proud to supply an array of eco-friendly packaging solutions:

Eco-friendly bags

If you are looking for eco-friendly bags which are suitable for display, postage and retail solutions, you have come to the right place.

We supply a wide range of compostable bags made from Natureflex™, Nativia® or Potato starch, all of which are food safe. We also stock bags made from biodegradable polythene, and 100% recycled polythene or paper, so you’re sure to find an eco-friendly solution to meet your needs.

Whether you are looking for compostable greeting card bags, 100% recycled clear gift bags, biodegradable carrier bags or recycled Kraft paper bags, we have the eco-friendly solution for you.

Find out more about this superior eco-friendly solution in our blog: What are compostable bags used for?

Protective packaging solutions

What could be better than protecting your products and your bottom line while safeguarding the environment at the same time?

We offer a range of recyclable, biodegradable paper cushioning and loosefill, meaning your items will arrive safely at their destination while ensuring less single use plastic is being discarded.

Discover more about our eco-friendly, protective packaging solutions and check out our supporting video here.

Sustainable gift and display solutions

Add attractive and eye-catching appeal to your products with a sustainable gift and display packaging solution. From recyclable floral printed Kraft paper to a vast colour spectrum of paper raffia ribbon, give your packaging that extra special touch while staying sustainability conscious.

We also boast a range of clear, compostable and biodegradable film on a roll, perfect for floral arrangements, bouquets and displaying bottles. The film is also food safe, making it ideal for gift hampers and displaying food items such as confectionary.

Postal bags

We appreciate that it is important for your business to ensure your products are shipped and sent safely and economically, and our range of eco-friendly postal packaging offers the perfect solution.

Our biodegradable clear mailing envelopes are available in several sizes, offering an eco-friendly solution for the safe mailing of magazines, corporate brochures and other important documents.

Made entirely of recyclable and recycled material, our range of Jiffy padded bags offer a both a robust and biodegradable solution, and are perfect for safely posting items such as jewellery, small gifts and watches.

Whatever your business requirements, our wide selection of eco-friendly postal solutions are sure to meet your needs.

From replacing traditional plastic packaging with cardboard boxes, to wrapping products in tissue paper, Transpack can help you to become more eco-friendly when it comes to your approach towards sustainability and your packaging.

Discover more in our guide to eco-friendly packaging.

The future for sustainable packaging

With sustainable approaches becoming a top priority for small enterprises through to larger conglomerates across the globe, there is a combined duty and responsibility for us all to be accountable for our contribution and approach to a sustainable future.

The adoption of sustainable materials and packaging is undoubtedly set to increase, as younger generations continue to be educated on its importance, it remains in the media’s spotlight and other companies follow the lead of organisations already adopting this approach.

While improvements in public attitude and clarity of what materials are recyclable and reusable are needed, significant developments in paper, card and sustainable plastics are expected alongside a continued global stride towards a greener future.

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