Create the perfect unboxing experience this Christmas with creative packaging


The way you package your products as an ecommerce business is extremely important and in the age of online shopping, creating the perfect unboxing experience for your customers can have a hugely beneficial effect on business.

When online shopping first became a growing trend, the main focus for businesses was to get their products to consumers safely and without damage. However, as it has evolved, the experience of unboxing an online order has become more personal and emotional for consumers. Your brand extends beyond the product now and it is all about how you make your customers feel.

If your customer feels that buying a product from you was a great experience, they are more likely to tell family and friends and even share on social media. So, how do you create this so-called perfect unboxing experience? We’re going to share our top tips for delivering an outstanding package that will grace Instagram feeds and create word-of-mouth recommendations!

What is the perfect unboxing experience?

There isn’t a list of set rules, and you want to put your own spin on your packaging. You need to think about it as a way of providing extra value to your product and as a touch point that enables you to wow your target audience.

What packaging elements should I consider?

You don’t have to include every single packaging option available. It’s about strategically choosing what is best for your brand and product.


Usually the main element of a package is the box itself.  With self-locking, traditional and tube packaging, you really can find something to suit the size and shape of anything. This is generally the first part of the package your customer will see, so consider adding your logo or some kind of attention-grabbing content, such as a brand quote or bespoke pattern.

Tissue Paper

Wrapping the contents in your package with tissue paper shows an extra element of care and attention to detail. Here at Transpack, you can create bespoke tissue paper with your logo or brand colours, so your packaging can truly reflect your brand.

Protective Filler

Although bubble wrap and loose fill may not be the most attractive form of packaging, it is necessary for some items. If you find you have to use these protective fillers, it’s always beneficial to make the rest of the package extra special. For example, if the product your bubble wrapping is then wrapped in a colourful tissue paper with a branded sticker, it will make all the difference.

Stickers or ribbon

Decorative elements go a long way when it comes to packaging. Using attractive ribbons and stickers to either match your brand colours or reflect the season will offer a more emotive experience for your customer.

Receipt or customer note

Present your customer with a handwritten or printed note for an extra personal touch and think about the way you present their receipt. You could create an interesting design or place it in an envelope or closed folder to provide extra effort and elegance.


There are many colourful tapes available if you want your parcel to stand out from the crowd. Alternatively opt for a more eco-friendly option and go for brown paper tape, easy to open and recycle!

Whatever you choose, think about how you would feel if you received that package. Would it impress you enough that you would want to show and tell others? If not, maybe you need to reassess the added touches that can take a package from average to amazing.

Here at Transpack, we provide a huge range of packaging options and offer personalisation and branding to many of our packaging materials. If you would like to discuss how you can improve your packaging further or receive a quote for bespoke branding, get in touch today – we’d love to help you create the perfect unboxing experience!

Author: Sally Abdy

Sally acquired Transpack in 2009 as Managing Director and joint owner, having spent 25 years running a print and design partnership where she gained extensive knowledge in developing bespoke print and packaging solutions for clients. Prior to this Sally worked in the Grain Trade. Today her focus is providing sales and comprehensive technical product advice whilst constantly researching and bringing new products to market in response to customer demand.