Cost Effective Branded Packaging Ideas

Types of packaging options in grid by transpack

For most small to medium size businesses, the thought of branding your  packaging, together with all the other overhead costs you need to deal with, can be a daunting one. However, if you do not brand your packaging it will be challenging to establish your brand identity, create brand awareness and advertising. The more your company or product name appears on your packaging, the more people will remember you.

Package branding need not be a horrendously expensive exercise. Transpack has found a number of ways to cost effectively brand bags, boxes, Kraft paper and tissue paper.

Sticker Branding

Stickers are a cost effective way to brand all types of packaging. You can use them to seal boxes, tissue paper, brand a garment bag or brand confectionery bags.

Stickers can be digitally printed in full colour on self-adhesive flat sheets, for highly affordable short print runs.  If you only need 50 to 1000 stickers this is the way to go. The stickers are “kiss-cut” out of a flat sheet, and you simply peel them off as and when you need them. These stickers are write-on, recyclable and compostable.

If you require larger runs of 1000 or more stickers, we recommend our wax roll stickers. Litho printed, these stickers can be made to any shape or size and printed on various papers ranging from compostable, biodegradable and recyclable, to the hardier freezer proof options. Wax roll stickers an also be foiled, varnished or embossed. Our Transpack Sales Team can help you work out the most cost-effective way to print your stickers.

Product Sleeves

Product Sleeves, also known as “Product Belly Bands”, are a fabulous way to brand your boxes and products. They’re professional looking, fun and interactive. They simply fold around your box or product enhancing your brand. Sleeves can be relatively affordable to produce, and you can make as few as 200 units.

Made from either white board or Kraft card, the bands come flat with a double-sided tape on one side which you peel off, fold around your parcel to size, and stick it down. Product Sleeves can also be pre-glued so you can slide them onto your carefully measured box. The bands can be made in any size, shape or length.

For example, if you make soap bars, these sleeves are an easy way to brand your soap and make them look elegant. Simply wrap your soap in Transpack’s tissue paper or Kraft paper, then fold the belly band around your soap bar and voila, a gorgeous soap bar ready to be delivered to your customer.

Printed Options

Printed Packaging Tape is a wonderful way to brand your product whilst sealing your parcels at the same time. Printed tape can be used creatively to close off bags, seal boxes and create designs on your postal boxes to make them look attractive. There is a low minimum order of 72 rolls – an easy number of rolls to get through in a year.  Transpack can make your tape from eco-friendly brown or white paper, reinforced paper tape, plastic or vinyl tape.

Printed self-locking, postal boxes are used extensively to deliver products to your customers. First impressions are so important for a brand. Besides delivering your product in a sturdy box to avoid crushing, the branding of that box adds extra exposure for your product and company. Printed postal boxes are not as expensive as you think. With a minimum order from as little as 50 units (subject to box size), your business will benefit from a professionally printed box that won’t break the bank.

Looking to brand your products?

Our friendly sales team at Transpack will help you find the most suitable way to brand your products, within your budget. Once you have settled for a branding method, we will send you samples to test out before going to manufacture. We also brand mailing bags, retail carrier bags, garment bags and cartons. Email us today for more info.