Confectionery Packaging Ideas for Small Businesses

Selecting the right confectionery packaging materials

Displaying your product is incredibly important because if it stands out and looks amazing, people are more likely to notice it and, ultimately, make that purchase.

Here at Transpack, we have a variety of packaging products to help your confectionery stand out, stay fresh and protected. These include clear recyclable confectionery bags,  compostable clear bags, stand-up pouches and compostable kraft window bags. We also stock a range of ribbons, colourful tissue papers and shredded paper to add colour and interest.

There are so many options available for you to choose from for your delicious treats.

Confectionery Bags

Block bottom cellophane bags

Our range of block bottom cellophane bags come in a range of 6 sizes to suit your needs, from 100mm x 190mm up to 160mm x 250mm. They are made from 30-micron polypropylene (OPP) film and all come with a flat base (AKA block bottom) for easy filling.

These bags are food-safe, recyclable and ideal for sweets, cookies, fudge, chocolates and even wedding favours.

These bags are crystal clear so your confectionary can grab your customers’ eyes and tastebuds.

Pair your display bags with a themed or coloured ribbon to finish it off. A coloured ribbon is great for branding your package, and a patterned ribbon adds that extra special touch, depending on the season or promotion.

Clear cellophane silver card base display bags

Our extensive range of clear, cellophane display bags with their silver card bases,  are perfect for any type of confectionery gift as they are food-safe and come in a variety of sizes.

Quality clear packaging lets your customers to see exactly what’s inside the package, allowing your product to sing its own praises. The silver card base at the bottom of our display cellophane bags means they are easier for you to fill, and they can stand up on their own.

For added impact, you could arrange your confectionery in patterns, such as alternating brownies and blondies, or having a mix of red, green and white sweets at Christmas time.

We offer plain, clear cellophane display bags in a variety of sizes and, for some extra razzle-dazzle, we also sell a range of patterned cellophane bags which are ideal for seasonal promotions.

Natureflex block bottom SOS bags

These 100% home compostable  SOS (square opening sachet) bags are perfect for the eco-conscious, plastic free business. They are ideal for confectionary as they have rectangular bases and side gussets so they are easy to fill and can be stood upright for prominent display. The bags are of food-safe and they’re transparent, so customers can see the delights within.

As with all Natureflex bags, these are made from an eco-friendly biodegradable material, derived from wood pulp. Because these bags are made from renewable and sustainable sources, and are classified as “plastic free”, they are exempt from the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT).

With these bags being plain and crystal clear, they can easily be customised to suit your brand colours with ribbons, stickers or labels.

Compostable Kraft block bottom bags with windows

If your small confectionery business is a “plastic-free” entity, then these bags are ideal for you. These eco-friendly bags are uniquely biodegradable and home compostable; their outer is made from 70gsm kraft paper and the inner lining is a very clear 23mu Natureflex film, made from wood pulp. Natureflex is a well-known food-safe barrier for keeping food products fresh. Available in 2 colours: Natural brown or black.

Kraft Window Bags are a great alternative to purely clear bags because, whilst you maintain the visibility, your product is also partially protected from light and they add a “rustic” differentiating, planet-friendly charm to your product. Whether you opt for a natural or black kraft paper bag, these bags are great for businesses where an organic aesthetic is important.

The bags can be heat-sealed, folded and taped, or closed with our gold tin ties.

Resealable Cello Bags with Block Bottom & Side Gusset

Our exciting new Resealable Cello Bag with Block Bottom and Side Gusset are exclusive to Transpack. With the confectionery industry in mind, our bags are strong, beautifully made with a zipper (grip seal) across the top to keep freshness of product inside, as well as making the bags reusable over and over again, and then fully recyclable with kerb side collections. They are heat sealable with an easy tear off strip across the top. The zipper bag is designed to stand perfectly on a shelf for easy loading and beautiful presentation. Package up your sweets, fudge, chocolates, cookies and flapjacks in a unique bag that will make your products stand out from the rest.

Kraft Stand Up Pouches with windows

New to our product range, you will find our Kraft Stand Up Pouches with windows a top-quality product with a natural, earthy appeal. They come with a robust grip seal and beautiful finish. Designed to protect your product from too much light but still having enough window to showcase your product inside. These pouches are free standing once filled out, look professional on shelf and are heat sealable with a tear off strip across the top for easy access. The grip seal and BPA-free inner lining keeps lasting freshness in the bag. Our pouches come in 3 different sizes and are really good for products like chocolates, sweets, muesli and granola, pastas, teas, coffee beans, nuts, seeds and cookies. Their strength also makes them popular with pet treat companies and bath bomb makers.

Biodegradable grip seal bags

Grip seal bags are reusable bags that can be closed and reopened several times, keeping your food product inside fresh and protected. Grip Seal Bags (also known as Seal Again Bags) are effectively used to store confectionery decorating ingredients such sprinkles, nuts, dried fruits and edible confetti.

The bags are made from an oxo-degradable material and have a discreet ‘biodegradable’ logo in the bottom corner.

Completely clear and food-safe, these bags are ideal for packaging sweet treats. We also stock a larger range of 100% recyclable Grip Seal Bags of excellent quality worth looking at on our website.

Cellophane cone bags

These food-safe, clear cone-shaped bags are a fun alternative way to display your confectionery, compared to traditionally-shaped bags. They are wonderful for sweets or other small confections, and make super kids party bags.

If you’re doing a pick n mix, we recommend starting with the smaller sweets at the tip of the cone and building up to the larger ones nearer the opening.  Choosing sweets with lots of different colours and shapes will help grab your customers’ attention.

You can get even more creative with the clear cone bags for seasonal moments by turning them upside down and decorating them to look like characters, such as reindeer, witches and the Easter bunny. Sweet filled Cone Bags are a firm favourite over Christmas with the kids, and a wonderful free hand out gift at corporate family parties.

Decorative Ribbon options

Decorative ribbons are a perfect and timeless finishing touch to your confectionery packaging, and they can be easily coordinated with your branding

Curling ribbon

Curling ribbon is, as the name suggests, ribbon specifically designed for curling. It adds an element of excitement and festivity, so it’s perfect for decorating your packaged confectionery. It’s a quick, simple and cost-effective decoration that makes a big impact.

You can combine two colours for a more customised effect, and remember: using more pressure when curling the ribbon will ensure a tighter curl.

Polyester ribbon tape

Patterned ribbon adds further decoration to your confections and makes them stand out amongst rival products. You can easily tailor the pattern to the occasion, like hearts for Valentine’s Day, or our  flora & fauna pattern for springtime.

Cellophane bag FAQs

Are cellophane bags recyclable?

Our cellophane range (also known as cello bags) is not are recyclable with your kerb side collections. We also sell 100% home compostable bags made with Natureflex, that can be disposed of in a compost heap or landfill, where it will decompose into good humus.

Do you sell custom printed cellophane film on rolls?

Yes, we do. We use widths of 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm, and can use lengths to suit you, between 5m and 200m per roll. Cello film is used for things like, confectionery hampers, gift baskets, product wrapping, chocolate bar wrappers and for flower arrangements. Find out more here.

Decorative ribbon FAQs

What widths of ribbon are available?

Our ribbons come in a range of widths, with metallic cord (1.2mm), jute rope (2mm) and double-faced satin ribbon ( 10mm). Patterned ribbons measure 13mm, 15mm, 17mm and 25mm. Our stunning organza ribbon is measures 25mm in width.

What ribbon material do you sell?

We sell ribbons in a variety of materials, including double-faced satin ribbon which is used for a luxurious finish and comes in 25m and 50m lengths in a range of colours. Satin ribbon is ideal for gift wrapping, crafting and retail display packaging, as well as for tying cellophane bags.

We also sell organza ribbon which is a more lightweight and translucent material. It’s ideal for wrapping gifts, cellophane bags, and typing around linen napkins. All our organza ribbon comes in reels of 25m and is 25mm wide, in a whole rainbow of colours.

We also sell paper raffia ribbons in 18 colours, all of which are perfect for wrapping gift boxes, bags, bottles and tying off bags.. These eco-friendly ribbons are biodegradable and recyclable.

We have a range of ribbed polyester ribbons printed with beach hut patterns and wedding patterns, as well as cotton ribbons in a range of designs, widths and lengths. Our curling ribbon is made from polypropylene, is 5mm wide and is perfect for adding flair and texture when gift wrapping, tying off balloons or in retail display packaging.

We also sell metallic elastic cord in gold and silver, which are perfect for Christmas wrapping, crafting and jewellery making. It is 1.2mm and comes on 20m reels. Our jute rope gives a traditional and rustic aesthetic, on 15m reels and a width of approximately 2mm.

Whatever kinds of confectionery you create, whether they be hard candies, jellies, fudge, doughnuts, chocolates, liquorice or cookies, we have the packaging that can make your products stand out on the shelf and grab your customers’ attention. Browse our cellophane bags and ribbons today.