Clever and innovative ways to re-use tissue paper

Packaging boxes

Tissue paper is a firm favourite when it comes to packaging. It is cost-effective, highly versatile and delivers a packaging solution suitable for use across many industries all year round.

Have you considered ways you could utilise this popular packaging material? There are countless inventive ways you can reuse and make the most of any spare tissue paper you have collecting in drawers.

At Transpack, all of our coloured and white tissue paper is recyclable and made from sustainable sources. With help from our experts, we’ve compiled a list of clever and innovative ways to repurpose this popular product.

Tissue paper confetti

Why not make use of your left-over tissue paper by taking it to your next wedding?

Get creative and carefully cut your tissue paper into circles, or even stars or hearts if you’re feeling adventurous. Tissue paper in a mixture of striking bright or pastel shades really looks the part for that all-important confetti shot.

Your homemade creations will look great nestled in colourful window bags or cellophane bags on the big day.

Ensure the paper you use for confetti is recyclable, like our range of coloured and white tissue paper.

Decorative tissue paper flowers

If you have a variety of left-over tissue in a mixture of colours, a perfect way to reuse this is to craft decorative tissue paper flowers.

Whether you are looking to brighten up an office or study, gift a loved one, or even host a dinner party, adorn your dining table or desk with an array of hand-crafted tissue paper flowers. You could even surprise a friend with a handmade tissue paper bouquet displayed in cellophane wrap with decorative ribbon.

To construct your florals, you’ll need a variety of other materials alongside your tissue paper including green chenille stems or pipe cleaners, scissors and a ruler.

After some crafty research, you’ll soon be gently peeling open the layers and separating the tissue paper sheets to reveal your very own home botanical garden.

Faux stained-glass candle jars

Faux stained-glass candle jars not only enable the reuse of old tissue paper and look attractive but make for a perfect seasonal gift.

Create a colourful stained-glass effect of your choice of glass candle holders. All you need to create this craft favourite is:

  • Torn tissue paper
  • PVA glue
  • An old toothbrush
  • Acrylic spray to coat the candle holder

Coat your candle holder with a selection of your desired mismatched tissue paper colours. Once you have created your collection of striking faux stained glass candle holders, why not present them in attractive cellophane display bags and make someone’s day with the perfect homemade gift?

Discover more about Christmas packaging ideas here.

Wall art

Showcase your artistic skills by creating a truly unique piece of artwork using reused tissue paper.

Whether you have a flair for landscapes or a passion for abstract art, sticking glue-coated tissue paper to canvasses makes for your very own art exhibition in the comfort of your own home.

Cut out, rip or collage pieces of tissue paper into your desired shapes and display your creations around your home or give them as gifts.

Display your original wall art gifts in large, crystal clear artwork bags. Recyclable and sturdy, be safe in the knowledge that your newly created gifts will be dust and fingerprint free.

Birthday piñata

Inject some fun into your reused tissue paper creations by making a birthday party favourite – the piñata. This Spanish game is a real hit at children’s birthday parties. Colourfully decorated, it is a novel way to repurpose pieces of bright tissue paper and have some fun at the same time.

Be as creative as you wish with the design and look of your piñata, fill it with all your child’s confectionary favourites and watch as your creation takes centre stage.

Incorporate handcrafted party bags to the birthday celebrations, and create tempting takeaway treats  with our range of freestanding, glossy patterned cellophane bags.

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