Christmas wrapping guide; gift wrap, ribbons & more

Christmas gift packaging guide

Darker nights and colder temperatures are a sure sign that we’re heading into winter, and thoughts begin to turn to the biggest holiday season of the year. Decorations and gifts are starting to appear in shop windows and on the homepages of websites, so whether you’re selling online or not, packaging for your products is going to become a large focus for many businesses in the lead into Christmas.

Over the past few years, Christmas packaging has become far more of a focal point when the holiday season rolls around. Your customers will be more likely to expect professionally wrapped goods, themed in holiday paper, personalised for the brand, and likely covered with seasonal ribbon.

If you’re offering a gift wrap option to your customers this holiday season, this is your business guide to all the different options you have, plus the ways you can make their purchases extra special this festive season.

Gift wrap for business

Bright, seasonal coloured paper and tissue paper are great ways to start when packaging goods to send to customers over the holiday period. Not only does the tissue offer a layer of protection to whatever product you’re sending, but they also mean that customers receive already wrapped gifts and don’t have to source their own wrapping paper.

If you’re looking for gift wrap to use in bulk, it can often be bought wholesale and online so that you won’t run out with increased demand. Make sure to carefully estimate the number of gift wrap sales you could expect, while leaving a little extra as a contingency, so that you don’t run out of festive tissue paper during this busy time. By planning ahead, you reduce the risk of being unable to provide for customers who requested this service, often at short notice.

Wholesale gift bags

If your business involves the packaging and shipping of edible goods, such as sweets or nuts, or small trinkets, gift bags may be the solution for your holiday packaging offerings. Whether you’re looking to include tasters of products in Christmas confectionery hampers, or needing something seasonal to transport your delicacies, there are many different options available.

You have the option of delivering to your customers with card bottomed bags that provide stability and support for displayable goods, cellophane bags covered with patterns and designs, and even just clear plastic bags that can be tied with decorative holiday-patterned ribbon.

Also among the gift bag selection are garment bags – ideal for packaging those novelty jumpers or Christmas party wear for celebrations and festivities.

Buying festive ribbon in bulk

You can’t talk about Christmas wrapping without mentioning the most festive of accessories for gifts and parcels: ribbons. They add a little extra touch to any parcel and, especially around the holiday season, come in a variety of fun colours and patterns.

Festive ribbon on bauble

If you’d prefer to use one colour wrapping paper for all of your gift-wrapped products, a ribbon is the perfect way to add an element of personality to the parcel. Christmas is the perfect time to get creative, so there’s no reason to not use ribbons to add some sparkle and prettiness to the parcels you’re sending to customers.

The options vary from festive fabric ribbons of various thicknesses, printed ribbons with messages or Christmas motifs, organza ribbons and curling ribbons to make all the twirling streamers that gift wrap may require.

Commercial hampers and boxes

For the food and beverage suppliers during the Christmas period, you may be looking for a fun and interesting way to present food items for delivery to customers. A hamper could be the perfect option, and it doesn’t have to be a traditionally woven one, but can instead be personalised by starting with a cardboard base or box, called a hamper tray.

From there, the food package can be surrounded by cellophane and tied with ribbons, after being filled with straw or shredded paper, to create a package that is secure and safe for the contents during transport.

Similarly bottle boxes and bags are perfect for the transport of alcoholic beverages, such as wines and spirits, which tend to spike in popularity during the holiday season. Since they are fragile to transport, it’s a great idea to invest in bottle bags that will gift wrap the bags and then packaging them in bottle boxes for safe transport.

Boxes are also great ideas if transporting items like wreaths to customers, along with shredded paper packaging and cellophane, to make sure that the wreath arrives whole and undamaged.

Buying Christmas packaging and wrapping

If you’re looking to bulk buy Christmas wrapping equipment to last you through the holiday season and prepare you for the gift wrapping ahead, why not take a look at our wide variety of available seasonal packaging for businesses.