How to fold and package clothes for posting

Clothes are one of the most common items to be found in a delivery, from high-street fashion brands to small sellers on eBay. Folding and packaging them in an appropriate and attractive way makes all the difference, and the consumer is then more likely to return to your shop or even leave a positive review. … Continue reading “How to fold and package clothes for posting”

Seasonal packaging made simple

While Christmas is undoubtedly the busiest time for most businesses, it’s not the only seasonal event on the calendar that could impact your workload. Businesses need to get out in front of these busy seasonal events by stocking up on relevant packaging way in advance, ensuring that they can begin advertising seasonal gifts to the … Continue reading “Seasonal packaging made simple”

How to showcase your brand with the perfect garment packaging

As a retailer, you want to ensure your clothing is displayed in the best possible way, whilst ensuring it is protected from dust and dirt. Even if you run an online store, you need your garments to arrive intact and looking presentable, so getting the packaging right is important. At Transpack, we sell a variety … Continue reading “How to showcase your brand with the perfect garment packaging”