Eco-friendly sustainable packaging in 2021 and beyond

Sustainable business practices are more prominent than ever, with sustainability fast becoming a higher priority for businesses and larger enterprises across the globe. Not only is sustainable working driving a shift in consumer demand, but it is encouraging big brands to tackle ongoing plastic waste issues by adopting sustainable packaging solutions. Countless brands such as … Continue reading “Eco-friendly sustainable packaging in 2021 and beyond”

Tips on how to store your winter clothes

With the much-anticipated arrival of the spring weather and us setting our sights on the warmer months ahead, we inevitably turn to how we can store our winter clothes during this period. But if you have a host of thick, chunky clothing and space is limited, how can you go about storing your winter wardrobe … Continue reading “Tips on how to store your winter clothes”

Tips on how to wrap and package bath bombs

With their aromatic scents, vibrant colours and lively fizz, it’s no surprise that since they were first created in the late 1980s, bath bombs have hit the toiletries market with a bang. If you’re looking to start up your own bath bomb business or are expanding your product line and need packaging advice, you’ve come … Continue reading “Tips on how to wrap and package bath bombs”

The advantages of eco-friendly packaging

The packaging a business uses creates an instant first impression, speaks volumes about its ethos and reflects on the quality of the products inside. Now more than ever, businesses are becoming more environmentally conscious, making ethical choices when it comes to sustainable operations and opting for eco-friendly materials. This is where eco-friendly packaging comes in. … Continue reading “The advantages of eco-friendly packaging”

What are compostable bags used for?

Every year approximately 500 million to 1 trillion plastic bags are used across the world. Only a very small percentage are recycled, meaning most end up in landfill where they take many years to degrade. The need to be environmentally conscious is crucial, and it is imperative that businesses and individuals alike adopt practices to … Continue reading “What are compostable bags used for?”