How to fold and package clothes for posting

Clothes are one of the most common items to be found in a delivery, from high-street fashion brands to small sellers on eBay. Folding and packaging them in an appropriate and attractive way makes all the difference, and the consumer is then more likely to return to your shop or even leave a positive review. … Continue reading “How to fold and package clothes for posting”

Is tissue paper eco-friendly?

Tissue paper has a whole host of uses across a number of industries, creating attractive and high-quality packaging or for arts and crafts. With a range of colours to choose from and the option to print a bespoke pattern or logo on the paper, it’s perfect for taking packaging to the next level and making … Continue reading “Is tissue paper eco-friendly?”

How to ship perishable goods

As an online retailer, it is extremely important to ship your perishable goods correctly. You need to ensure you have the correct packaging, that you follow regulations and find a suitable courier service that can meet your needs. Once you have taken all the steps required and have an organised setup to deliver your perishable … Continue reading “How to ship perishable goods”

The real cost of product packaging

Packaging costs vary depending on what you’re packing and the materials you choose to use. Naturally, some are more expensive than others and by buying materials in bulk, you will generally get a cheaper deal. There are many aspects that come into the cost of packaging from materials, tools, transport, storage and volume. How much … Continue reading “The real cost of product packaging”