Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Your Packaging Needs

According to official data released by the National Geographic, there are currently 5.35 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the world’s oceans, with as much as 269,000 tonnes floating on the surface. As the impact of packaging on the Environment becomes a collective responsibility, businesses are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. This … Continue reading “Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Your Packaging Needs”

5 Eco-Friendly Creative Packaging Ideas

As our awareness of packaging and the impact it can have on the environment is increasing, many of us are looking for alternative ways we can make packaging eco-friendly yet still creative and appealing. To reduce the use of plastics and unnecessary packaging, businesses are beginning to opt for sustainable options such as cardboard and … Continue reading “5 Eco-Friendly Creative Packaging Ideas”

Going Green in 2018

As the limitations of our natural resources and the implications of environmental damage become ever clearer, many businesses are looking for ways that they can enhance their environmental awareness, reduce their impact, and promote eco-friendly processes. Here at Transpack, we are committed to helping our clients go green and make a positive change for the … Continue reading “Going Green in 2018”

A guide to environmentally friendly packaging

Businesses are increasingly becoming more aware of their packaging methods and how sustainable they are. Landfill waste poses an environmental and economic problem due to slow decomposition rates, resulting in huge areas of land that can no longer be used. As people are awakening to the issue of unnecessary waste and the effect it has … Continue reading “A guide to environmentally friendly packaging”

How packaging will change in 2018

It’s safe to say that packaging is changing. Each year sees new innovations and ideas emerging with the aim of reducing unnecessary packaging, reducing costs, and becoming more eco-friendly, whilst ensuring that packaging solutions are still durable and attractive. As we become increasingly conscious of the environment and millennials continue to share their dissatisfaction of … Continue reading “How packaging will change in 2018”