Recycled Kraft Wrapping Paper 500mm wide  5kg

Recycled Kraft Wrapping Paper - Natural, Wet Strength 500mm x 200m

Clear Mailing Envelopes Clear Mailers C4 230 x 310mm

Biodegradable Clear Mailing Envelopes Heavy Duty 250 x 350mm

Biodegradable Clear Mailing Envelopes Clear Mailers C4 230 x 330mm

Biodegradable Clear Mailing Envelopes
C4 size
230 x 330mm
150 gauge / 37.5 micron
Polythene with Biodegradable additive

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  • Adhesive strip is non-releasable for tamper evidence
  • 150 gauge / 37.5 micron clear polythene with a Biodegradable additive
  • Ideal for posting A4 sized documents, magazines, catalogues and brochures
  • These bags are eco-friendly, as they have an additive which means they will break down in landfill into carbon dioxide, water, biomass and minerals, but they can also be recycled along with normal polythene film
  • The bags are unprinted - they do not have a 'Biodegradable' message printed on them
  • The length of time they will take to biodegrade depends on the conditions and the presence of oxygen, moisture, heat, mechanical stress and/or microbes but will be roughly 6 to 12 months, as opposed to decades or longer for standard polythene buried in landfill
  • Due to the biodegradable nature of these bags they shouldn't be stored in direct sunlight, or too warm conditions (not near a radiator). If they are kept in the right conditions their shelf life is approx 24 months
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Made in the UK No
Recylable? Yes
Free Delivery No
Length 330mm
Width 230mm
Biodegradable Recyclable