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Gift Tag 70x25mm Kraft Plain Pack of 10

Kraft Paper Hot Pink

Coloured Kraft Wrapping Paper MGPK500HP - Hot Pink 500mm x 120m

Compostable & Biodegradable Film on a Roll - Nativia ® 800mm x 50metres

Food SafeMade in the UKRecyclableIndustrially Compostable

Industrially compostable & biodegradable, clear, eco-friendly Film 800mm wide

50 metres on a roll

35 micron Nativia ® Eco Wrap

Heat Sealable

Food Safe

Acid Free

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Clear eco-friendly Wrap

Our eco-friendly, crystal clear compostable florist wrap is ideal for wrapping bouquets and is also popular for gifts, hampers and bottles. It is food safe, biodegradable, sustainable and compostable - the perfect choice for eco-friendly businesses.  We also offer a counter top cello wrap dispenser for easy handling and cutting.

  • 800mm wide x 50 metres on a roll
  • 35micron Nativia ® (a bio-based film)
  • Eco-friendly, suatainable, renewable and biodegradable
  • Nativia ® film is made from corn or other sources such as sugar beet and potatoes
  • Food safe
  • Compostable: certified DIN EN13432 for compostable intermediates, and AIB-VINCOTTE Internationale (class 4) OK Biobased
  • Good slip properties
  • High Stiffness
  • Good oxygen barrier
  • Apply one of our Compostable stickers to this eco-friendly wrap so your customer knows that the film can be composted.
  • If you are thinking of switching from Polypropylene wrap to compostable Nativia® wrap we highly recommend that you request a sample first to try with your product as Nativia does have a slightly different feel to Polypropylene.
  • Nativia ® can be industrially composted and will disintegrate in six months to CO2, water and humus, a soil nutrient. It can also be mechanically and chemically recycled (not with other plastics because it has a lower melting temperature) and it can be incinerated for energy recovery. Nativia ® films do not biodegrade in landfill conditions.
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More Information
Colour/Finish Clear
Food Safe Yes
Made in the UK Yes
Recylable? Yes
Industrially Compostable? Yes
Free Delivery No
Length 50m
Width 800mm

Compostable, sustainable & biodegradable

Food Safe

Crystal Clear

Vegan friendly

How long will this film take to decompose?

This eco-friendly Nativia film has the EN13432 certification. EN 13432 requires compostable plastics to disintegrate after 12 weeks and completely biodegrade after six months. That means that 90 per cent or more of the plastic material will have been converted into CO2. The remaining share is converted into water and biomass – i.e. valuable compost.

How should I dispose of this film?

This eco-friendly film is industrially compostable, so it can be disposed of along with other industrially compostable materials like garden waste in green bin collections, or sometimes food waste. You will need to check the arrangements in your Local Authority though as arrangements do vary across the country.

I’m thinking of switching from Polypropylene film to Nativia film – what are the main differences?

Apart from the environmental credentials which speak for themselves, this Nativia ® film will feel slightly different. The film is a little stiffer, although still very clear. We would recommend that you have a sample of the film before switching, to make sure it will work for you.