Clear Heavy Duty Polythene Bags 400g

High quality and tough these heavy duty 400 gauge or 100 micron clear polythene bags are perfect for storing heavier products such as nuts and bolts, tools and bulky items.


  • Manufactured from food safe film to store food and pet food.
  • Easy to seal with a neck tie or heat sealer.
  • Recyclable - resin code 4
  • Please note sizes can vary by a few mm due to manufacturing tolerances - Width +/- 3mm or 2%, Length +/- 6mm or 2%, Gauge +/- 10%

Recycling code 4

Although these bags are strong and heavy duty the larger bags are not recommended as Rubble Sacks - you would really need a bag of at least 800g for this. Watch our video on polythene bags for more information.

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What is Plastic Bag Gauge?

Gauge is the measurement of thickness of standard low density plastic bags. It is related to the SI measurement of microns. For example:

4 gauge = 1 micron = 0.001 millimetre thickness.

The simple way to think about it is the higher the gauge the thicker the plastic used.

Typical gauge sizes and microns equivalent are:

  • 100 gauge = 25 microns = 0.025mm = Sandwich bag. Light-weight, very little puncture resistance.
  • 120 gauge = 30 microns = 0.03mm = Standard bin liner.
  • 160 gauge = 40 microns = 0.04mm = Quality black bin liner, used for domestic kitchen waste.
  • 200 gauge = 50 microns = 0.05mm = Medium duty for larger or heavier items, but still without sharp edges.
  • 300 gauge = 75 microns = 0.075mm = Garden waste bag, suitable for leaves and grass clippings. (no sharp sticks / rubbish)
  • 400 gauge = 100 microns = 0.1mm = General waste sack. 500 gauge = 125 microns = 0.125mm = Tough rubble sack.

Our clear heavy duty plastic bags are available in a wide range of sizes. The fact that we offer free shipping on orders over £55, and that we offer a 5% discount for online purchases makes the choice to buy our strong bags far easier.

Polythene Bags Video Transcript

Plain polythene bags are sold in 25 different sizes and come in 3 different duties: light duty, medium duty and heavy duty. Polythene is safe to use as it does not impart any kind of residue or taste making it suitable for every kind of application. All our bags are made from food safe, quality film.

Choosing the right bag for your task may seem like a difficult task but I’m here to help you make the right decision. Light duty bags are mostly used for keeping things clean or free from dust. You could also use them to bag clothing for storage. The polythene is light and floppy however and has poor resistance to sharp corners or edges so we would not recommend the light bags for this application. Medium duty bags are twice the thickness and can be used for items with corners or edges but we’d recommend not putting metal inside them. They tend not to collapse when being filled and they are ideal for cables, plastic plumbing or drainage items, or light toys and stationery. Heavy duty bags carry more weight. They cope with harder and sharper edges and provide extra rigidity when packing and displaying.

Order online or by telephone before 3pm and we aim to despatch your order the same working day. Orders over the value of £65 are delivered free of charge. For any other queries please call our customers service helpline on 02380 869999 or visit our website and our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you.