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Clear Polythene Bags

  • Made from food safe film
  • 28+ different sizes, three strengths
  • Plain, clear design
  • Recyclable

Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Polybags

Our high quality clear polybags are available in a wide range of sizes and strengths, so you’re bound to find one suitable for your needs. The light duty bags are designed to protect clothing, sweets, paper and similar items from dust. Our medium duty bags are best for storing cables, card, cereals, pet food and electrical components. Finally, our heavy duty bags are ideal for weighty, sharper-edged products, such as nuts and bolts, hardware and large quantities of pet food. All our plastic  bags are food safe and you can request a Food Safety certificate, if you require one, upon ordering. In the unlikely case you cannot find a bag the right size for you, bespoke polythene bags are available too. If you need to seal your bags, our heat sealers will do the job.

These polythene bags are also recyclable.

Recycling code 4

How thick are these Polybags?

Our clear polythene bags come in three thicknesses, 100g, 200g and 400g. The (g) stands for gauge.

Gauge is the measurement of plastic bag thickness, related to the SI measurement of microns. 4 gauge is equal to 1 micron. 1000 microns is equal to 1 millimetre.

  • Our 100g bags are 0.025mm thick.
  • Our 200g bags are 0.05mm thick
  • Our 400g bags are 0.1mm thick