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Biodegradable Grip Seal Bags

Eco-friendly Packaging Solution

A range of seven biodegradable Grip Seal bags, medium duty, clear and almost all have a discreet biodegradable logo on one side. The 7.5 x 7.5 inch bag is completely clear, without the biodegradable logo


These bags are oxo-degradable, which means they break down in landfill into cardon dioxide, water, biomass and minerals in a matter of months rather than decades or centuries. Read more at the bottom of the page.

Biodegradable Polythene Packaging

Biodegradable polythene has very similar properties and strength to standard polythene. The seals on these bags are strong, and you won't really notice a difference in the bags, but you'll have peace of mind that if your bags end up in landfill they won't be there forever. Because of their biodegradable properties, these bags are not easy to recycle.

Our resealable and biodegradable bags can be used for a wide range of applications, including storing police evidence, collating items for storage or retail, presenting spare packs, storing machine parts, and protecting specimens. These useful bags are also food safe but may not be fully airtight, so they are not suitable for powdery substances such as spices or flour.

For 200g resealable bags made from standard Polythene please click here

How do these bags Biodegrade?

  • There are two parts to the biodegradation process. Oxo-biodegradable polythene first starts to break down when exposed to sunlight, heat or mechanical stress. The polythene will break down into small fragments and then the second stage begins - the small fragments biodegrade into cardon dioxide, water, biomass and minerals.
  • Standard polythene without the additive will do this too but will take decades or centuries to get to the same stage. The additive in our biodegradable gripseal bags means that the process is acelerated by a factor of hundreds or even thousands.
  • The timeline for full biodegradation will depend on lots of factors (oxygen, moisture, heat, mechanical stress and the presence of microbes) but could be anything from a few weeks to 24 months.
  • Technically these bags could be placed in a composter, however the bags would not decompose quickly enough to meet the standard of EN13432 (the European compostable packaging standard) and so cannot be advertised as compostable.