Compostable Bags

Eco-friendly, Compostable & Biodegradable Display Bags

Some of our most popular styles of cello bag are now available in eco-friendly, compostable biodegradable film, either in the form of Natureflex™, Nativia® or starch based films.

Choose from gusseted clear bags, block bottom bags, block bottom bags with side gussets - all of which are perfect for displaying confectionery, baked items, nuts and gifts. They are all food safe, heat sealable and compostable/biodegradable. Our range of greeting card bags with self seal flaps made from Nativia® can be seen here too.

Natureflex™ is home compostable.

Nativia® needs to be industrially composted or mechanically recycled.

If you have been using polypropylene or cello for your products and would like to switch to a more eco-friendly, sustainable bag it is important to see a sample first. Our compostable films will feel and behave slighly differently so it's important to check that they are compatible for your application.

Read more about Natureflex™ and Nativia® here.