Wholesale Cellophane Bags, Polythene Bags and more

We stock an extensive range of wholesale bags, from colourful paper varieties ideal for holding your customer’s shopping, to self-seal polypropylene garment bags designed to protect clothing products. Whether you need bags for packaging purposes or to simply store products in, we have what you need.


Display Bags for Business:

Display your products in one of our food grade, crystal clear bags. We have an extensive range of compostable and cellophane bags including 100% compostable, biodegradable Kraft Window Bags, with their block bottoms, and cellophane display bags, with silver card bases, to help confectionery products or gift items items stand well while they are on display.

Mailing Bags for all needs

We have a useful selection of opaque colourful mailing bags, jiffy mailing bags and self-sealing bubble bags, including anti-static bubble bags, that can be used to ensure that your products reach their destinations safely and well protected.

Bespoke Bags and Packaging Solutions

If you require bespoke bags, contact us for a quote. We offer a selection of bag designs, sizes and strengths, which can be customised for your business and printed with your logo and instructions. Contact our sales team for more info. 

Packaging Supplier you can trust

Transpack is a UK most trusted supplier of protective packaging, and we have been since 1953. Click on the categories below to see what bags we have in stock. If you’re struggling to find the product you’re after, use the search box at the top of this page, or give us a call on 02380 869999 – we will be happy to help!

What is the difference between Compostable Bags and Biodegradable Bags?

A BIODEGRADABLE film will break down under the action of naturally occuring micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae. There is no specific time frame for this biodegrading and is dependant on conditions. There will be little to no toxic residue, depending on film in question.

A 100% HOME COMPOSTABLE film, like Natureflex, degrades by biological processes during composting to yield carbon dioxide, water and biomass. Compostable films leave no toxic residue. Time frame is unspecified as it will be subject to state of compost heap conditions.



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  1. * ON SALE * Stickers "Thank You For Your Order" Paper Stickers | 45mm diameter | 500 stickers
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    ** ON SALE ** Cellophane Patterned Silver Card Base Bag | BUTTERFLY Print Clear Bag | 100 x 220mm
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    **ON SALE ** Self Adhesive White Paper Disc Stickers | 20mm diameter | Pack of 1000
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