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Jiffy Bags and their uses

Jiffy bags seems to be the name given to any kind of mailing envelope with a paper outer and some form of cushioning as a liner. In fact, the original Jiffy Bag was the Padded Envelope introduced by Jiffy in the 50’s and still going strong. This Padded bag has a very strong pure Kraft paper outer and a lining of macerated paper fibres. These fibres actually bulk up in use so the bag’s cushioning properties improve as it travels! The "Padded Bag" remains the only truly eco-friendly postal bag as it is easily reusable and recyclable.

Jiffy Airkraft bags, as well as most of their competitive brands, have a slightly different kind of pure Kraft outer and are lined with small bubblefilm. In the case of Jiffy Airkraft bags the bubble film is laminated to the outer making for a very strong pack.

These bags are pretty straightforward, but here are some of the common questions.

I am sending single CD’s in jewel cases; should I use padded bags?

No, just use a standard Airkraft bag. Unless someone jumps on it your CD will be fine. This would be different if you were sending a number all together.

How do I work out if my boxed kit will fit in the bag?

Take a soft tape measure and wrap it round your box in both directions. Now, halve these measurements and you have the basic bag dimensions. Now find the nearest Jiffy bag size that will take this size (plus a bit for packing).

I want to send slim hardbacked books. Can I use a Jiffy bag?

It depends on a) how slim the book is and, b) how hard the cover is - and only you can be the final arbiter of this. Many hardback books will suffer from depression on the corners whilst being otherwise fine in a bubble lined bag such as Airkraft. Very slim volumes (up to about 6 or 7mm) probably won’t suffer appreciably. If you are in doubt we can supply you a sample to try.

Can I send large bolts and nuts through the post in an Airkraft bag?

I suggest this is unwise; there is a real risk of such heavy items migrating through both the bubble and the paper in transit. Better to use the Jiffy Padded bag and remember, keep them tightly together before they go in the bag.

Can I send china mugs in a Jiffy bag?

No. Not even in a padded bag. Use a box.

Can I get a special size Jiffy bag made?

Yes, but again there are substantial minimum order quantities between 25,0000 and 40,000 depending on the size.

Are Jiffy bags recycled?

Partly. The lining of Jiffy Padded bags is made entirely of recycled paper fibres. The outer of the bags is made of pure Kraft paper from sustainable forests.

Can Jiffy bags be recycled?

The Padded bag is totally recycleable as it is all paper. The Airkraft bags, however, have the bubblefilm laminated to the paper for extra strength, so they are more difficult to recycle in the normal way. Both are easily reusable.

Jiffy Bags

  • Available in White (Airkraft bags) and Gold (Padded bags)
  • Airkraft bags have a bubble liner and are perfect for lighter parcels. Good protection, and light to post
  • Padded bags have a paper outer and fibrous filling which bulks when used and provide a good layer of protection
  • All Jiffy bags are kept in stock now at keen prices
  • Good range of sizes available

Watch our video about "Jiffy Bags" - use the full screen option to see in the best quality.

Protective Postal Bags Video Transcript

At Transpack we stock a range of protective postal bags, each with a slightly different function.

This is a white Jiffy Aircraft Bag. It is lined with laminated bubble which provides extra strength and protection against shock. It is lightweight and made by Jiffy, the recognised Industry leader for quality and consistency. They are tear and puncture resistant and suitable for sending a range of items which need protection. There is a self-seal strip on the flap for easy sealing.

This is an original Jiffy padded bag and is by far the toughest postal bag. They are actually proven to get thicker the more they are used. They are made from paper with a fibrous filling and also have a flap and self-seal strip. We also stock bubble bags made from Jiffy bubble wrap, also complete with a self-seal strip. These come in either standard bubble wrap or anti-static pink bubble wrap which is very popular with our customers in the electronics industry.

Order online or by telephone before 3pm and we aim to despatch your order the same working day. Orders over the value of £35 are delivered free of charge. For any other questions call our customers service helpline on 02380869999 or visit our website and our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you.