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    Greetings Card Bags

    Beautiful quality, crisp, glossy bags (with flaps and sealing strips) in 30 micron glass-clear polypropylene - designed specially for greetings cards and similar applications. Each takes a card and envelope in the stated size and we also offer multis for C5 and C6 sizes.


    NEW C5 & C6 SLEEVE for open card so you can read the message inside.

    NOW AVAILABLE:- White greetings card envelopes to fit our full range.


    For additional information see our help pages, below...

    NEW! Multi-card bags to take 10/12 cards for C6 & C5 sizes. All Bags have a resealable strip on the flap. Contents not included.
    Prices for 500 are per pack; Others are per thousand.
    Code Description 500 1000 2000+
    Total Quantity
    PPBC6 Crystal Clear Greetings Cards Envelopes ** 15% OFF** 117 x 162+ 25mm flap to fit C6 Env & Card £12.90 £21.97 £19.73 £17.44
    PPB57 Crystal Clear Greetings Cards Envelopes 136 x 185+30mm flap to fit 5 x 7 Env & Card £16.78 £28.38 £26.07 £23.98
    PPBC5 Crystal Clear Greetings Cards Envelopes ** 15% OFF** 165 x 230+ 25mm flap to fit C5 Env & Card £17.95 £29.55 £25.99 £23.84
    PPB55 Crystal Clear Greetings Cards Envelopes 147 x 147mm + 30mm flap £16.50 £29.26 £26.62 £24.20
    PPB66 Crystal Clear Greetings Cards Envelopes 158 x 158mm + flap £19.25 £31.35 £29.26 £26.90
    PPBDL Crystal Clear Greetings Cards Envelopes 113 x 220mm + flap for DL envelopes £16.23 £27.28 £25.69 £23.21
    PPBC6PLUS Crystal Clear Multi-card envelope 125 x 172mm to hold 6 C6 cards & envelopes £19.25 £31.24 £29.48 £26.46
    PPBC6PLUS12 Crystal Clear Multi -10/12 card envelope 134 x 178mm to hold 10/12 cards & envs £20.25 £32.80 £30.95 £27.75
    PPBC5PLUS Crystal Clear Multi-card envelope 172 x 240mm to hold 6 C5 cards & envelopes £24.75 £39.05 £33.50 £30.80
    PPBC5PLUS12 Crystal Clear Multi -10/12 card envelope 181 x 245mm to hold 10/12 C5 cards & envs £25.95 £41.00 £35.15 £32.25
    PPB79 Crystal Clear Greeting card envelope - (wide C5) 185 x 230mm plus flap & s/seal £22.50 £37.40 £31.30 £25.60
    PPBC6SLE Crystal Clear C6 Sleeve for Open Card & Envelope 165 x 220mm plus flap & Self Seal £22.57 £37.11 £33.40 £27.83
    PPBC5SLE Crystal Clear C5 Sleeve for Open Card & Envelope 232 x 310mm plus flap & self seal £35.88 £59.00 £53.10 £44.25
    PPBA4 Crystal Clear A4 Greetings Card envelope 215 x 305 + 25mm flap to fit A4 £35.15 £54.65 £44.75 £41.00

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    Small Cellophane Gift Bags (re-sealable)
    Cellophane bags - a Clear explanation

    Most cellophane (used as a generic term here) nowadays isn't cellophane at all, it is a plastic film called OPP (oriented polypropylene). This material is much stronger than the old paper-based cellophane. In addition its manufacture involves less harm to the environment.  Polypropylene is a highly stable plastic film unaffected by most acid or alkaline materials; thus it is widely used for food and can be considered "food safe". It can be affected by some oils, though.

    All our greetings card bags and Artwork/photo bags are made from this material. All the bags are made from 30micron film and are self seal, with a flap and removeable adhesive. (i.e. they can be opened & reclosed)

    Our Gusseted bags, Block Bottom bags and Silver Card based bags are 40micron and are food safe. A food certification certificate is available on request. They do not have a resealable flap.

    (Our garment bags are made from standard polypropylene, have a self seal flap, removeable adhesive and are punched to avoid suffocation. They are also printed with a suffocation warning notice) .

    How many cards and envelopes can I get in a greetings card bag?

    Its impossible to say. The standard size bags are designed to take one card and envelope in heavy card/paper; but we know of users who have got 5 cards and envelopes in each bag. It all depends on the exact trim and the weight of paper used for the cards and envelopes.  However, for C6 and C5 sizes we now offer oversize bags which will take multiple cards.  How many you'll get in will still depend on the weight of paper used. If you have any concerns in this area - ask us for a sample.

    Can I get a special size made?

    Yes. Subject to a minimum quantity, usually about 5,000 but it can be more.  Clearly, if  you are having cards printed it makes great sense to have them trimmed to a standard size. That way both the bags and the envelopes will be cheaper and less of a challenge to get hold of.

    Can I get the bags printed?

    Yes. But, again, this is subject to a minimum quantity. Let us quote you.

    Are the Artwork/photo bags made to fit photo mount sizes?

    We cannot be sure about this as mounts seem to vary. As such we quote the exact size of the bags. Please let us know if you require sizes that we do not show.

    Our range of Cellophane bags

    Buy Greetings Card Bags from Transpack - the Packaging Suppliers who keep all your packaging supplies in stock for next day delivery.