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Bespoke Polybags

Can't you find what you are looking for in our stock range? 

We can supply bespoke polybags with bottom or side welds, clear, coloured or tinted and with bottom or side gussets if you need more volume.  We can print in up to four colours on one or two sides - a cost effective way of strengthening your brand image

There are a few things we'll need to know before we can quote -

  1.  the width (opening edge) and length of the polythene bag
  2.  the gauge or thickness
  3.  whether the bag is to be clear, coloured or printed and whether that printing is one or two sides of the bag
  4.  how many you need. Ordering in higher volumes will give you the best value for money. There will be minimum order quantities which will vary depending on the size and gauge of bag. 1000 bags is an approximate guide.

Lead times vary and will depend on your bespoke poly bag but will be somewhere between 10 days and 3 weeks - we'll give you a more accurate lead time when we quote.

Contact us on 02380 869999 or fill in our contact form and we'll be in touch as soon as we can. If you're not sure which bag would suit you best, tell us what you are using it for and we'll be happy to advise.

Quick Tips

  • Light Duty - 100 to 150 gauge
  • Medium Duty -  200 to 250 gauge
  • Heavy Duty - 400 to 500 gauge
  • Very Heavy Duty - 500 to 1000 gauge
  • Printed poly bags will incur origination charges the first time you order them (for the printing plates) - these will be clear on your quote.
  • It won't necessarily cost much more to print on 2 sides of the bag, but adding colours adds cost
  • Ordering in higher volumes will be cheaper per bag - we can give you price breaks on the quote to demonstrate this
  • Side weld bags will be cheaper but are not as strong, and only recommended for light duty bags
  • UV additive for outside use - prevents the film degrading in sunlight
  • EVA additive for freezer use - prevents the film cracking down to -30 degrees Centigrade
  • Anti static - tinted pink, reduced static build up
  • There are manufacturing tolerances on bespoke polybags which means that the width, length and gauge of the finished bags may vary slightly (+/-3mm, or 2% on the width, +/-6mm or 2% on the length, and +/- 10% on the gauge). The final quantity could also be +/- 10% of the ordered quantity, and this is the amount which will be invoiced.